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Best Residential Zone To Live in Dhaka 2024

July 11, 2021

Imagine the comfort of coming back home exhausted after a hectic schedule. Now, what if your peaceful sweet home is in a mega city like Dhaka?


No! Regardless of the daily chaos, and hustle and bustle of a city, it is by all ways possible to own a placid living in Dhaka. Dhaka is not only developing its socio-economic strands but also improving the standard of living.

The vast accommodation options, an aristocratic lifestyle, and enormous amenities make this city a suitable place for all classes of people. All you need to do is find the perfect and best residential zone in Dhaka as per your requirements.

Here is the list of the best residential zones to live in Dhaka


Gulshan is widely known for its elegant lifestyle. Most upper-class citizens and foreign industrialists hold down to this area. The commixture of ascetic residents and the commercial premise is exquisitely manifested here.

Gulshan is a shelter for the most number of foreign embassies, high commissions, and local headquarters. Companies like Nokia, Siemens, Coca-Cola, P&G, Standard Chartered Bank, and a lot more will be seen here.

You will notice buildings like the Glass House, The Cityscape Tower, and the Crystal Palace while driving down in Gulshan. The finest infrastructure of voguish apartments down the alley will also not go unnoticed.

Being the most significant hub for many industries and high-profile residences, the security of this area is top-notch.

You shouldn’t have to be concerned about your child’s future with the availability of top-rated schools like Chittagong Grammar School Dhaka, International Turkish Hope School, and Green Dale International School, in the vicinity.

Gulshan-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

Conjointly, hospitals and clinics, such as Labaid, United Hospital Limited, and Surecell Medical Center are located here providing their best care.

Transportation in such a lavish area is certainly well-planned. This place holds plenty of public transport options.

There is a primary bus route connecting Badda and Mohakhali, and for traveling to nearby areas, Gulshan has its bus facility, called Dhaka Chaka. You will be amazed to know; that it has a ferry shuttle service covering its surrounding area.

It is difficult to imagine free space for entertainment in busy areas like Gulshan. To be fair, this place hosts elite private clubs like the International Club, Gulshan Club, and Canadian Club, to name a few. The primacy of the Niketan Housing area has an attractive South Park.

Besides, you could always enjoy the water show at the Hatirjheel Amphitheatre and if you are keen on shooting then the prestigious shooting club will be the perfect place for your time pass.

Due to a high number of foreign prominent and high profile people, Gulshan has the most number of 5-star hotels in Dhaka namely The Westin, Renaissance, Six Seasons Hotel, etc. Thanks to the plethora of globalized eateries such as Nandos, Gloria Jean’s, North End Coffee Roasters, Pizza Hut, and appreciably more for serving international standard cuisine.

Shoppers will never have to go out of their zone for shopping due to the accessibility of a massive markets like DNCC Market, Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall, Shopper’s World, ABC Shopping Complex, and Pink City offering imported and local goods.

If money is not a factor, this is one of the best areas to reside.


  • Sophisticated apartments with modern amenities
  • Reputed Schools
  • Good hospital facility
  • Lake, park, and shooting club for recruitment
  • Lavish and international restaurants
  • 5-star hotels
  • Good service of public transport
  • Top-notch security


  • Extremely expensive accommodation
  • Lack of public educational institutions
  • No street food
  • Expensive hotels and restaurant


Baridhara is an area with a lakeside home, also called a diplomatic zone. The elegant apartments, breathtaking views, and the calmness in this area distinct this place.

Baridhara is home to the US Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the headquarters of US Bangla Airlines, and other recognized organizations.

While being a diplomatic zone, the security of Baridhara is unrivaled. You will be surprised to notice there is a police checkpoint at every entry and police surveillance 24/7.

Moreover, a high wall separates the diplomatic zone from other areas confirming ultimate protection.Baridhara-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

This beautiful clamming zone acts as a junction between Gulshan and Bashundhara R/A. You will easily link Malibagh, Uttara, and Rampura through Pragati Sarani Road.

Being one of the most highly secured areas it is always recommended to have your means of transport since you will have a hard time finding local transportation.

If you are one of those who prefer walking for a few minutes, then you could always catch up with a bus or CNG on the main road.

To your surprise, Baridhara also offers adequate schools for both Bengali and English curriculums.  For instance, Japanese School Dhaka, American International School, and Cambrian School and College.

You will also find The British School of Law in Baridhara educating students about British legislation.

Despite being an exceedingly secure zone, Baridhara offers its dwellers an opportunity to shop in the Anannya Shopping Complex. Nevertheless, you could always take advantage of Jamuna Future Park, which is within proximity. While residing in Baridhara, you will get premier healthcare facilities from a hospital like the United Hospital.


  • Sophisticated lifestyle
  • Highly safe and secured
  • The cleanest area in Dhaka
  • Extremely calm and quiet
  • Provide ample amenities
  • Lake and park for relaxation
  • Comparatively less traffic


  • No public transport facility
  • Not many restaurants
  • Only one place to shop
  • Expensive living
  • Lack of universities


One of the few well-planned areas in Dhaka is Uttara. Starting from cozy apartments, quality education, and medical facilities to recruitment areas, Uttara provides all.

With Shahajalal International Airport in the vicinity, Uttara provides countless connections to other parts of Dhaka through public and private transport.

Uttara-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

You will be lucky to experience AC buses within the city. The famous Dhaka-Maymansingh Highway passes through Uttara, dividing it into two parts. Furthermore, the railway acts as a barrier between the two parts, forming sectoral and non-sectoral areas.

Anyone living in Uttara will know the plethora of reputed schools it has. Scholastica, Mastermind, RAJUK Uttara Model School & College, The Aga Khan School, and International Turkish Hope School, to name a few.

You can stay put regarding your child’s future while dwelling here.

Not having to worry about the medical facility is the superiority of this region. Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, BIRDEM, Labaid, and Ibn Sina will provide you with the best medical care.

While talking about shopping, the prominent Rajlaxmi Complex still stands proudly in Uttara. Polwel Coronation Market, Mascot Plaza, and RAJUK Commercial Complex are some of the favorite choices for shopping among the dwellers of this neighborhood.

You will also be taken aback by the profusion of eateries, including Richmond, Pizza Hut, and Takeout.

In your spare time, you could go for a long drive in Diabari to get in touch with nature and the charming lake. Additionally, you can always for a walk to Uttara Lake or the park beside the lake along with your children.


  • Affordable apartments depending on the sectoral and non-sectoral area
  • Prestigious schools and collages
  • Good hospital facility
  • Good service of public transport
  • Lots of shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Children’s park and playground
  • Diabari is a great place to spend quality time


  • Terrific traffic in rush hours
  • A few areas are still underdeveloped
  • Lack of universities


Dhanmondi is one of the most liveable areas on the list. Dhanmondi offers a perfect blend of compact places with all the necessary features and alluring infrastructures.

The education facility in Dhanmondi is top-notch with the majority of the most prestigious English medium schools. Schools such as Scholastica, Master Mind, Oxford International, and many more are rooted here.

One of the oldest heritage institutions of Bangladesh, Dhaka College is located here along with Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, City College, ULAB, and Stamford University providing the best in terms of education.Dhanmondi-best-residential-zones-to-live-in-Dhaka.

Living in Dhanmondi you will have access to quality health care from the best hospitals in the city.

There are over 30 dental clinics and well-known hospitals like Labaid Specialized Hospital, Medinova, Ibn Sina Hospital, Bangladesh Eye Hospital, and Bangladesh Medical College within the locality.

Thus, you will never have to worry about your family’s healthcare problems.

The iconic part about living in Dhanmondi is, that it is a self-reliant area with all the amenities a doorstep away. In addition, you could also travel almost anywhere given the public transport service and the vast majority of rickshaws.

The Mirpur Road and Sat Masjid Road directly connect Dhamnodi with Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Mirpur, and New Market areas and are solely responsible for indirectly connecting other areas.

Spending some time with can help you relax your body and mind. The dwellers of Dhanmondi take great of the attractive, spellbinding, stunning Lake of Dhanmondi.

This long lake has parks, and restaurants, and also allows you to do speed boating while enjoying the greenery on both sides of the water. At the edge of the lake, you will find the popular Rabindra Sarobor which hosts plays and events on various occasions.

Not to mention, the country’s leading sporting club, the prestigious & notable Abahani Sporting Club, is also located in the area.

Another reason for Dhanmondi being a popular place among all is its vast food hub.

Dhanmondi has tons of restaurants that offer mouth-savoring food outlets from all over the world. Traditional, continental, Japanese, Mexican, you name it, and you will get it within your range.

Last but not least, Dhanmondi is meant for the Elites to shop in style. Shimanto Square, Anam Rangs Plaza, Rapa Plaza, Shimanto Sombar, and Metro Shopping Mall offering exclusive collections from various brands are all within the limitation.

Shimanto Shombar also owns Star Cine Complex screen playing the latest movies.


  • Lavish apartments with modern amenities
  • Quality education for all levels of studies
  • Great hospital facility
  • Lake and sports club for recruitment
  • Best restaurants in Bangladesh
  • Many places to shop for branded items
  • Good service of public transport


  • Expensive or moderate accommodation
  • Get extremely crowded since schools are located in the residential area
  • Traffic jams during rush hours
  • A negligible amount of hotels

Bashundhara R/A

You must have seen the Bashundhara R/A commercial on TV with the slogan, “Cholo na Bashundharay jaai.” But do you think you could become a resident of this famous area someday? Well, you absolutely can.

Unlike other parts of Dhaka city, this particular area consists of small villas, duplex housing, and bungalows, including some few-story apartments.

This region has a unique way of living with advanced community principles. Bashundhara R/A has a stunning scenic view surrounded by vast greenery.

Being a completely residential zone, the dwellers enjoy a more sophisticated and secure life.Bashundhara R/A-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

You will have the upper hand while traveling around your area since you will get numerous rickshaws. While moving intercity you can consistently catch up with CNG’s or public buses, which are well connected to almost all the parts of the city.

Being parents, you can stay put since educational academies like Viquarunnisa Noon School and College, HURDCO International School, and International School Dhaka offer your children the best education.

This neighborhood could not be more perfect for students by comprising 3 reputed private universities, American International University, International University, Bangladesh, and North-South University.

Bashundhara R/A is not less in terms of hospitality. One of the honored and leading hospitals, Apollo Hospital, makes this place remarkable. Despite being surrounded by greenery,

Bashundhara is also connected with Purbachal New Town making living worthwhile. You can grab your car and get lost on the horizon of Purbachal with your friends and family.

Bashundhara R/A proudly hosts the world’s third-largest shopping mall, the iconic Jamuna Future Park, which portrays brands from all around the world.

You might also get obsessed with the games corner or might find yourself enjoying a blockbuster movie in Star Cineplex. Not to mention, the amusement park in front of the mall is enjoyed by all age groups.

In addition, this area also has a noticeable amount of restaurants providing a variety of food outlets.


  • The area gives a foreign vibe
  • Quality education
  • Good hospital facility
  • Best shopping area
  • Mesmerizing scenic view
  • Great place for children’s entertainment
  • Highly secured
  • Less crowded


  • Expensive apartments and villas
  • Owning a private vehicle is the best to move around this area
  • Located on the outskirts of Dhaka
  • Traveling to major places in Dhaka could be time-consuming


Banani is one of the most developed streets in Dhaka right now. It was planned for a middle-class family to live in, but over time, and with rapid development, it has become an elite city in Dhaka.

This place has a perfect blend of residential and commercial areas.

Apart from skyscrapers, Banani poises a few embassies, renowned business organizations, and most importantly, Shahjalal International Airport.Banani-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

Thanks to the top-class security, well-maintained, and standardized infrastructure, makes life in Banani exceptionally safe and secure. In addition, the luxurious apartments come with modernized amenities and convenience.

The collocation of Banani will make it easier for you to access the Gulshan, Mohakhali, and Kafrul areas. You will most of the time be using Gulshan Chaka and Dhaka Chaka bus services to travel to nearby places.

In case you are worried about quality education, Banani shelters several prestigious institutions—for instance, Banani Bidyaniketan School & College, the University of South Asia, and Northern University.

Banani is one of the few areas in Dhaka to hold a decent amount of private universities.

While having an immense number of facilities, Banani may not give you the potential advantage of having healthcare just around the corner. However, you will still have several diagnostic centers such as Banani Clinic and Praava Health.

The residents of Banani will never get bored sitting at home. This neighborhood provides you with a mesmerizing lake known as Banani Lake. You can feel the cool breeze caressing you every evening.

The children will never run out of the playing space since there exist abounding playgrounds and parks. Being one of the wealthiest areas in the city, it also hosts some luxurious hotels like Golden Tulip and Hotel Sarina.

Along with this, it also offers you a variety of food outlets, starting from traditional biryani to Mexican foods. The Bangladesh-UAE Moitry Shopping Complex is a favorite choice for most of the dwellers to purchase imported goods.


  • Exclusive apartments with modern facilities
  • Quality education
  • Banani Lake for relaxation and time pass
  • Playgrounds and parks for children
  • Highly secured society
  • Luxurious hotels and restaurants


  • Expensive accommodation
  • Fewer hospital facility
  • Lack of public transport for intercity
  • Expensive shopping mall


While a few areas of Mohammadpur are still underdeveloped, the other developed parts are high in demand.

Mohammadpur started as a small residential area and expanded over the years. Today, Mohammadpur is a large community that is rapidly developing.

This is a well-planned area that has been raising apartment-style homes. The largest apartment block, Japan Garden City, is situated here. This would be one of the ideal places for start-ups alongside the living.

Mohammadpur-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

The dwellers of Mohammadpur have access to a vast network of roadways, thanks to the tremendous number of public vehicles.

The bus stop in Mohammadpur is one of the major terminals for intercity buses with buses going to all the corners of the city. You can always opt for tempos and rickshaws for covering small distances.

This place is also directly linked with Gabtoli Bus Terminal through Beribad, which is the largest bus hub in Bangladesh. Besides, this area subjoins other significant areas like Dhanmondi, Asad Gate, Geneva Camp, Shyamoli, Agargaon, and Mirpur.

Living in Mohammadpur you will never have to worry about education since it owns a few prestigious and old schools and colleges in Dhaka.

For instance, Dhaka Residential Model College, Mohammadpur Government College, Mohammadpur Government High School, and St. Joseph Higher Secondary School.

Since it is within proximity, you could also exploit all the educational institutions of Dhanmondi.

Mohammadpur has a great healthcare facility starting from emergency to specialized condition. Dhaka General & Orthopedic Hospital and Care Medical College & Hospital are renewed healthcare centers here.

Keeping in mind few places are still developing, this area does not have a lot of malls. However, you will usually find yourself in Tokyo Square Mall and all the branded store showrooms by the road which will cover all your necessities.

You will also discover Krishi Market right opposite the mall offering small-scale shopping and fresh food items. You will be surprised at the number of supermarkets in this area.

Mohammadpur is no less than other areas when it comes to restaurants.

Restaurants like Boba’r Biriyani, Mostakim’r Chaap, Haji Biryani have branches here so you can have a pleasurable experience of traditional food here, in addition to great fast food and continental dishes.

Not to mention, the widely known Bihari Camp is also located in this region.


  • Affordable apartments
  • Renowned schools and collages
  • Good hospital facility
  • Rapidly developing area
  • One of the best places for traditional food like Chap and Kebab
  • Great public transport service
  • Lots of supermarkets


  • Limited shopping option
  • Less secure compared to other exclusive areas
  • No residential hotels


Mirpur is one of the oldest and most well-known places in Dhaka. This suburban area has surprisingly improved over the past few years. Mirpur is considered one of the largest landmarks in Dhaka today.

There is a high demand for apartments here due to affordability. A lot of middle-class earners choose Mirpur as their home. If you are tight with your budget, then this is the best place to settle down.

Mirpur-best residential zones to live in Dhaka

Despite being affordable, Mirpur is also a focal point for public transport. You will get buses that travel anywhere within the city.

The south side of Mirpur connects with New Market, Dhanmondi, and Panthapath, while the opposite links to Farmgate, Tejgaon, Shahbag, Kawran Bazar, etc. Nonetheless, the east of Mirpur will take you to Airport Road, Mohakhali, creating a short distance between Banani and Gulshan.

Without much trouble, you could travel wherever you want. Also, the construction of the Metro Railway is being done here, which will further link places like Motijheel within your palm.

Mirpur is showered with reputed educational institutions like Monipur High School and College, Methodist English Medium School, Mirpur Cantonment School & College, SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, and Scholastica Mirpur.

Universities like Bangladesh University of Professionals and MIST are also established here.

Mirpur hosts plenty of healthcare clinic and diagnostic centers which offers superior facilities.

Delta Hospital, Heart Foundation Hospital, EXIM Bank Hospital, and many more are found here including two branches of Lazz Pharma.

Mirpur is a famous place among business people since it is also a commercial area with a vast majority of business organizations.

An abundance of leading banks has branches and ATMs here due to growth in business empowerment in this region. So you will never have to worry about running out of cash.

Without a doubt, Mirpur is one of the best places for recreation. The Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium hosts many national and international games, which would come to the great advantage of cricket lovers.

Alongside, you could spend some quality time with nature and animals of the National Botanical Garden and National Zoo, which is a shouting distance away.

Apart from its vast transport facility, Mirpur also extends its facility by providing a variety of shopping categories. Starting from imported goods, and local products to home appliances, everything is up for your grab.

Provides shopping centers like Capital Tower Shopping Complex, Mirpur Shopping Centre, Rajanigandha Market, and even BCS Computer City which is known to be the largest electronics market in Bangladesh.

Mirpur advances by having the best saree market in Dhaka, Banarasi Palli.

The superiority of having a large area is having plenty of restaurants. You will be lucky to get a taste of all kinds of foods here. This is a slumber of affordable meals for both international and local food.

Proving all the amenities Mirpur could be a perfect choice for your family. If you are not stuffed with budget limitations, you may also find apartments in Mirpur DOHS.

Just like all other DOHS, it has all the benefits and top-class security with super clean roads and a lake.


  • Affordable apartments
  • Renowned schools and collages
  • Good hospital facility
  • Best service of public transport
  • Lots of supermarkets
  • Can shop all types of items for personal uses, home appliances, electronics, etc.
  • DOHS area is highly secured and developed


  • Terrific traffic jams almost throughout the day
  • Too crowded and noisy
  • Water clogging roads during monsoon season
  • Bumpy and broken roads
  • Unhygienic surroundings in some locality
  • Not a well-planned area except for DOHS


This suburban area is not the cheapest place on the list but certainly could be taken into consideration. Mohakhali is highly responsible for creating a link between significant parts of Dhaka.

The main stops for public buses and tempos are here. Public buses and tempos focus and make stops in some of the busiest areas in Dhaka.

Not to mention, the Mohakhali Flyover is of great advantage when it comes to reducing traffic congestion. This 1.12 km flyover directly bridges Mohakhali and Banani.

Being the main terminal for intercity outside city buses and intercity tempos,

it is always easier and cheaper for the students studying at BRAC University and Dhaka Can’t: Girls Public School and College, Mohakhali to travel back and forth to their home. You would be surprised to see the rush of people in this area.

Mohakhali has many hotels in a variety of ranges. So you can always invite your family and have a pleasant get-together without moving out of your zone.

Besides, Mohakhali also facilitates the National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital, DNCC only a doorstep away, alongside a few other healthcare centers.

Even though there are not many restaurants to choose from, you may still get a posh experience from café like Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus, The Grove, Izumi, etc. You can at all times shop from either SKS Shopping Mall or DNCC Market.

If you want to get a place in Mohakhali DOHS, you will get numerous facilities like extra security, super clean roads,  playground,  park,  café, restaurants, etc., within the area.

Renting a flat there could cost a little extra penny. However, you could still go to the park, café, and playground if you are not a member of DOHS.

If you want to get a perfect city experience within a fixed budget and enjoy the crowd, then Mohakhali is your place to go. It is a multifunctional area with high commercial centers and reputed institutions.


  • Affordable apartments
  • The main connecting point in the city
  • Public transport facility
  • Good healthcare facility
  • Posh restaurants and mall
  • Reputed schools and university
  • DOHS area is highly secured and provides other facilities


  • Too much traffic in the rush hours
  • Too noisy and crowded almost 24/7
  • No English medium schools
  • Not many restaurants


Located on the south side of Dhaka, Banasree provides one of the most affordable living. Most of the buildings are featured with modern facilities.

This suburban area gives you access to prominent parts of Dhaka more swiftly due to its exclusive position. In addition to that, the construction of flyovers will make it more convenient for you to connect to other parts of Dhaka.

Several bus services, tempo, and rickshaws make it living in Banasree ideal.

Despite having many schools and colleges in Banasree, it also holds branches of a few renowned educational academies.

For instance, Ideal School and College, Faizur Rahman Ideal Institute, and one of the most popular English medium schools, Academia, has a branch in Banasree. Besides, East-West University is in a neighborhood area called Aftabnagar.

Banasree has a vast number of health centers like American International Hospital, Farazy Hospital, etc. Along with healthcare, Banasree additionally enables worshiping facilities for Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.

This street also has some great restaurants with mouth-watering food items and supermarkets at almost every block. You could also go shopping in stores by the road since there is no large mall.

In your spare time, you could always go to Hatirjheel and spend some quality time with friends and family, which is not very far from Banasree, or you could also visit Shishu Park (children’s park) with your kids.

Not to forget, you can also celebrate your special days in the convention hall.


  • Affordable living
  • The facility for public transport
  • Quality education
  • Good healthcare service
  • A lot of supermarkets
  • Hatirjheel is a remarkable area to spend time
  • Convention halls


  • No shopping mall or branded showroom
  • Very crowded due to the excessive amount of motors on the road
  • No famous restaurants
  • Roads are bumpy and cracked

Indira Road

Indira Road covers a comparatively small area in the city. This not-so-well-planned area offers affordable apartments right in the heart of the city.

With Farm Gate being a junction for all kinds of public transportation, Indira Road has quite benefited being its adjacent connection.

Besides, this small alley links to the Tejgaon railway, making life easier for residents in that area.  You will be lucky to find accessibility to rickshaws in this neighborhood.

Surprisingly this particular area has renowned schools like Holy Cross Girl’s School and College, and Willam Carey International School.

And other prestigious institutions like Tejgaon College, and the State University of Bangladesh. Hereby, giving quality education. Indira Road offers a handful number of healthcare centers like Dhaka Healthcare and Ispahani Islamia Eye Care.

Living here, you can always brag about shopping since it has two shopping complexes Shezan Point, and Mahbub Plaza Shopping Complex. It is also the nearest place to Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, one of the recognized malls among people.

Lastly, you will be close to the alluring Chandrima Uddyan, and Farmgate morning park. Whether you want to exercise, walk, or play with your children, you can do everything while relishing the magnificent scenery.


  • The great facility of public transport
  • Affordable flats
  • Good shopping area
  • Railway in proximity
  • Park for entertainment and recreation


  • Lack of hospital facility
  • Too much traffic
  • Lack of good educational institutions
  • Less number of restaurants
  • Low in terms of security

Baily Road

Baily Road, popularly known as “Natok Shoroni” (Theater Road), connects Kakrail-Ramna road with Siddeshwari junction. Theaters called “Guide House Auditorium” and “Mahila Samiti Auditorium” are situated on Baily Road. 

People who enjoy stage drama will have a pleasurable time enjoying the plays.

Perhaps the most widely known educational institution in Bangladesh, Viqarunnisa Girls School & College, is established here, teaching 24,000 students.

You will also find the Foreign Service Academy, which provides training to BSC cadets, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Baily Road is one of the best places to shop for handloom jamdani sari in Dhaka in the finest stores. Staying here, you will be astonished by the variety of street food this place has to offer.

Apart from that, you could sometimes sneak out to the convention hall named “Officer’s Club,” which provides a badminton complex, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.


  • Affordable apartments
  • Most reputed school is just a doorstep away
  • Best place to enjoy and reach the theater world
  • Offer one of the best street foods in Dhaka
  • Ideal for shopping jamdani sari
  • Perfect place to live if you are training under the Foreign Service Academy


  • No public transport facility
  • Less number of hospitals
  • No public school for boys


Although this particular area is not discussed by many, this can be one of the ideal places for settling.

Siddeshwari directly connects Baily Road and Kakrail making transportation quite easy. The link to Baily Road will access you to Viquarunnisa Noon School and College, one of the prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh.

Though, you can always opt for Siddeshwari Boys’ Higher Secondary School, or Siddeshwari Girls’ High School for your children, in the vicinity.

Siddeshwari is famous for its market for branded local goods, including a handful amount of imported goods. Mouchak Market, Twin Tower Concord Shopping Complex, and Fortune Shopping Complex belong to this area.

Despite malls, it also provides tons of supermarkets and crowds of chic eateries, especially when it comes to traditional food.

Side by side, the medical facility of this place is not to be ignored. With Monowara Private Hospital Limited, and Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital Ltd, this region is supplying the best medical care.

Nonetheless, having Ramna Park and SBHS Playground nearby, it is always best to play some games and do regular exercise.


  • Affordable flats
  • Good shopping complex
  • Park and playground for entertainment
  • Many supermarkets
  • Good for traditional food


  • Lack of public transport
  • Lack of English medium school
  • Not a very secure area


Despite the increasing population, you will experience the best city life in the best residential zone in Dhaka. No matter which part of the city you choose to stay in, you will be showered with immeasurable amenities, thereby making your living perfect.

Dhaka warmly welcomes each and everyone and makes them feel at ease.

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