Best Ways to Garden in Small Spaces

Best Ways to Garden in Small Spaces

April 18, 2022

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It is a learning school for kids and you grow closer to mother nature. Your mental health can improve, you can grow organic food and end up spending time exercising to some extent. But one of the bigger challenges, if you want to pick up gardening, is trying to work around small spaces and produce the best results.

Now a lot of us may want a big garden. But that is not realistic for everyone as you may not own enough property to meet the demands of your desire. But that should not demotivate you one bit. Dealing with small space can become much easier if you are creative.

In this article, I will try to provide more knowledge on how people can garden in small spaces. I will talk about coming up with a centralizing plan. Then I will talk about collecting necessary materials and other cool ideas to get you started. Keep reading on to get started and identify the best approach for yourself.

Come Up With a Plan

The first step is to find the best plan for yourself. Start off by asking yourself questions. What sort of space are you working with? Where are you planning to set up the garden? How much Sunlight does the location receive? What plants do you want to grow? Identify which plants from your wishlist can be realistically grown in your conditions. Update the wishlist accordingly.

If you only have a balcony or roof terrace to work with you might need to adapt your plans a bit more to accommodate the necessary seating arrangements. The level of care would also have to be different. Finding inspiration can be very important to identifying clear ideas. You can easily find some through different social media and image-sharing platforms.

The raised bed is one of the most popular small space gardening ideas out there. It is especially great if the quality of your soil is poor. You can use wood, bricks, or cinder blocks to build the borders of the raised bed. You should then fill it in with good soil and compost. If you are using this method then space isn’t easily available. So space is, therefore, more valuable.

If the space is too small for even raised beds, then one of the best alternatives is to use containers. A vast number of items can be transformed into a garden container. The container has to hold enough soil for the specific plant and provide good drainage. You can choose a nice container based on what space you have available. It cannot hold any toxic substance.

These days, different smart gardening methods are being used in small space gardening as well. A lot of the maintenance work here is automatic. So these methods require little attention compared to other methods. The work is easier this way. Some of the popular smart gardening methods include Aerogarden, Click and Grow, and InGarden.

Collect Items

The next step is to collect what you need based on the plan you have come up with. If you are using containers, then you don’t have to necessarily find plastic pots or terra cotta planters. You can recycle various things around your house and use them as containers. If there is a drainage issue, then it can be solved with a household drill to the bottom of the container.

Recycling and reusing materials to make your container is not only good for the environment but it will also save your money. You can find important items in your local garage sale. Websites like craigslist or freecycle are very good sources for collecting items as well. Examine the items you collect for rust or mildew. It is a good idea to thoroughly clean the container.

For raised beds, you need to collect different sorts of supplies. This include lumbers, hand tools, power tools, gravels, soil, and some other important items. Unpainted and untreated planks of hardwood are the best type of lumber for this method. A circular saw of large diameter and a drill are needed. Shovel, hoe, and sledgehammer are some of the necessary hand tools.

As for smart gardens, many top smart garden companies will send you the necessary items within the best possible time. These gardens are simple to operate and can be easily moved around the house. You can buy fruit and vegetable seed pots from different websites. These gardens use LED grow lights and automatic watering mechanisms.

You will want to buy seeds at some point. I would recommend growing plants from seeds instead of choosing to relocate half-grown plants bought from stores. Seeds are generally not very expensive. It’s also widely available in stores nearby you and on online shopping websites such as Amazon. You should try to replant recycling plant parts you’ve grown to save expenses.

Soil is the bed for your plant. You can save water and time by collecting the right soil sample. Vegetables and fruits like rich soil with a lot of organic matter and water-retaining compost. Mediterranean herbs like dry soil that is coarse with sand. Good water drainage is a useful characteristic to have in the soil. A 1:1:1 combination of sand, peat, and compost is standard.

Some Cool Ideas to get you started

Investing in or recycling a canvas shoe organizer is a clever way to garden in a small space. You can keep this hung up or off the wall using a few strips of wood.  This usually works really well for growing herbs. Getting a pallet is another effective way to garden in a small space. This is another type of planter that works well with herbs.

Creating a salad box of your own is one of the best ways to plant kale, spinach, lettuce, or any other greens. Raised beds work great for this type of planter. You can create a simple salad box of your own by recycling and shoveling an old desk, or taking the drawers out of a dresser. Simply piece these items together using nails, a hammer, and glue, and you will be alright.

Window boxes are great when it comes to growing some flowers and herbs. You can find it in local gardening stores and on websites such as Amazon. Wine boxes, baskets, and wooden cases can be used to make a DIY window box of your own. You can try to beautify the box to your liking if that is something that makes you feel better about your garden.

Gutter gardens are becoming very popular in small garden spaces. This excellent method involves taking gutters and connecting them to walls in an area with lots of sunlight. This makes sure they are off the ground, away from bugs, and animals, and become less prone to wetness. Adding Terrium is another fun idea to add flair to your garden.

Using a Wooden Wheelbarrow is a great way to plant flowers. It can beautify your garden and give your flower arrangements a very pleasant look.  Using a Rain boot planter can be both cheap and a cute way to display your plants.  Other interesting ideas include using canning jars, laundry baskets, coffee cans, and soup cans.


This is a time when mental health problems are more visible than ever before because of social media and many other factors. I believe it is imperative that people can spend as much time as possible doing things they can enjoy. If gardening is your thing, do not let small spaces bother you. Here’s wishing you the best gardening experiences you can hope for.

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