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Decorate Your Balcony Ideas and Inspiration

January 29, 2022

Your balcony should be a space for relaxation, where family members and friends can enjoy the fresh air of your home.

Many people do not use their balconies for anything other than storage, but they are missing out. Balconies are a great space for hangout and relaxation. You can have a small privacy space of reading and meditation in your balcony. Here in this article we discuss some of the best balcony design ideas and inspiration you can follow if you want to make your balcony more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable.

Your balcony is an outdoor extension of your home. A little attention in decorating your balcony can turn it into a favorite outdoor hangout place for your family. There are a few things to keep in mind before you revamp your outdoor balcony space.

We touch upon the following points:

  1. Use Private Sitting Arrangements
  2. Make balcony as an Ideal Spot of Relaxation
  3. Treat It As an Extension of Your Living Room
  4. Bring it on life with Gorgeous Greens
  5. Outdoor balcony vertical space design ideas
  6. If Balcony is Big Enough, just Break It Into Zones
  7. Create Privacy Zones
  8. To Allow Natural Light inside Home, Opt for Glass Doors
  9. Use outdoor wooden lantern lighting

  1. Use Private Sitting Arrangements

These days, people are really busy and it is hard for them to find time to relax at home. In order to create a private space for themselves, many people install a private sitting arrangement in their balcony. They can use a corner sitting space to relax and spend time with friends or family members.

For eg, in your corner sitting space you can use an outdoor square table with few teakwood chairs, with an above hanging lantern for lighting at nights.

This is not only a great way to make your balcony more beautiful but also a good way to make your home feel more like a home because you can spend time there with loved ones.

  • Make balcony as an Ideal Spot of Relaxation

Your balcony should be an ideal space of relaxation, family private hangouts and unwinding. Make your balcony a place of relaxation as you’d sip through a cup of coffee and read your favorite books.

If you don’t have a ton of space in your balcony, just fill it with the necessary functional items you can find without overcrowding it.

Decorate your balcony with modern hanging swing egg chairs, teak wood armchairs and a coffee table. Your focus should be to create a space for peaceful retreat after a long, hard day, a space for children to enjoy outdoors without leaving your home or a space to hang out with friends on a casual evening rendezvous.

3. Treat It As an Extension of Your Living Room

If a balcony is attached to your living room, living room wall color and decoration should be extended towards your balcony.

If you have a balcony attached to your living room, it is worth considering extending the living room wall color, decoration and family sitting arrangement towards the balcony. This can help spruce up an open-air family recreation space outside of your living room. As your living room was built with privacy in mind, you can also extend this privacy to your balcony. But if you live in a crowded apartment with a close-knit community all around, total privacy may seem tough to achieve.

But there are a variety of methods you can follow to keep off your staring neighbors’ eyes and claim more of your family privacy. You can plant tall bamboo plants, climbing vines, and shrubs on the side of the balcony that overlooks your neighbors. This can bring an easy solution to your family privacy.

You can even use screens made of weatherproof textiles and hangings or bamboo partition privacy screens to create a much needed personal space. Or, depending on how large your balcony space is, you can build your own bamboo screen matrix which is decked out with creeping plants like devil’s ivy. This brings both privacy and green aesthetics to your balcony.

Once you have all the right pieces, putting together the puzzle of a perfect balcony is much simpler than you might think. Check out few of our balcony extension examples here.

  • Bring it on life with Gorgeous Greens

It’s no secret that a balcony is a wonderful place to put your green ambition on full display, but we dare you to get a little more creative than placing your bonsai in a table top.

You can always showcase your creativity and aesthetics by harvesting a vertical garden on your balcony. The outcome will surely impress your neighbors and viewers from the streets.

Growing plants vertically is a great way to be more creative and productive. Vertical gardens can be made on a tiny space. Vertical gardening concepts in your balcony is a recent trend that has been gaining popularity because of its sustainability and low maintenance. 

You can pick from a variety of plants for your vertical garden such as homely herbs, succulents, flowering plants, creeping vines and more. The idea is to plant those in containers and hang them off the balcony railing so they can grow vertically. Thus you can create a mini haven of gorgeous greens in your balcony with little effort.

  • Outdoor balcony vertical space design ideas

As most balconies have small spaces, we usually find it hard to design by our heart. You have to put your interior design ideas on the edge.

On a small balcony, you need to customize each square footage of space you have by thinking outside the box. Divide the space in small sections. Keep an array of box chairs and small square coffee table for chatting area. For a children area, a center rug with small colorful sitting pillows can be arranged. On top you can have one or two hanging lanterns to light up the space in the evening.

Also on the balcony railings you can have your desired vertical garden of hanging herbs and flower planters.

  • If Balcony is Big Enough, just Break It Into Zones

If your home is blessed with a big balcony, you make the most of it by trying one of these fun and inventive balcony design ideas.

Create small separate areas to escalate the functionality of your balcony. On one part you can create a separate lounge and outdoor eating space with a small dining table, a side coffee table and chairs. On the opposite side you can create a casual space by hanging a cushioned egg-shaped swing chair along with vertical planters stacked on the railings. In the middle keep a beautiful oval-shaped rug with some throw pillows for casual sitting arrangement of kids and teenagers.

To Make the most out of your large balcony you need to pick the type of furniture, coffee table and chairs that would allow you to turn it into a multi-purpose space. Don’t rush to buy, but plan your design first. Have a look at this outdoor seating area of a balcony with a sofa and comfy chairs.

[Pics Here]

You can even create an Art corner if your balcony is in a big L-shaped pattern and few children roam your home.

Create a balcony space that has an artistic touch, with wall art hanging, stylish glazed mirror setup or a modern art piece installation. You may opt for a designer circular rug as flooring to really bring out vibrancy of the place and fashionable throw pillows surrounding it.

Now, you’ve got yourself one of the most unique balcony design ideas!

  • Create Privacy Zones

Creating a privacy zone in your balcony for reading books or doing meditation exercises can be an effectual idea for relaxation from our modern, hectic and distressing lifestyle.

For a medium to large balcony size, you can create an “exercise zone“ on a separate, secluded part of the balcony. This space you can cover away from the outside world with hanging bamboo screen mats or using tall bamboo plants with thick foliage.

There, put down your yoga mat and other physical exercise tools. No one piece electronic exercise machine (like Treadmill) should be setup here as you need to work on multiple exercises in the same place. Do your morning meditation or any Qigong exercise and detoxify yourself to a healthy and demanding lifestyle.

  • To Allow Natural Light inside Home, Opt for Glass Doors

There are a number of ways you can use your outdoor balcony to make it more inviting and comfortable. One way is by using enough natural light.

When designing your balcony, make sure that it can let natural light come in. You can do this by adding glass doors on the way to your balcony. This is a great way to make the space feel less closed off and more open, as well as adding a nice natural ambiance to it.

This help you both with natural ventilation and give you a sense of spaciousness in your living room by allowing in natural light. It also allows you to enjoy both the view of the outside world and the inside living room when you are sitting or lounging on your balcony.

9. Use outdoor wooden lantern lighting

Wooden lanterns are an unusual yet elegant way to decorate your balcony. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. From the rustic to the sleek, you’ll find a lantern that fits your style. They can even be made from repurposed wood and other materials and look like they were made just for you.

The best part about them is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors, so just hang them up on your balcony!

This will light up your night balcony in an aesthetic way.


We hope that our article has inspired you to organize your own outdoor balcony space. Well, among the above balcony design ideas, what are your favorite examples? Please share with us in the comments. Don’t forget to visit our homepage for inspiration on different topics related to home design & decoration!

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