Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

July 27, 2021

The idea of the duplex house itself conveys a sense of luxury. A home with two floors is a dream for many. The concept of duplex house design in Bangladesh is gaining more popularity among people. The duplex house design is ideal for large or joint families due to the two units, a shared kitchen, one dining hall, many bedrooms, and plenty of free space. Moreover, being able to choose your desired design, size, and style makes it more exciting. If you’re wondering whether owning a duplex house in Bangladesh is worth a big budget, then we are here to prove you wrong. If well-planned, a duplex house can be affordable while still providing all of the necessary amenities. Thus, making a perfect living for your family. Here is the list of a few things and designs to consider for your duplex house.

Bangladeshi Duplex House Design Plans

Suitable Place

Choosing a suitable location for your home design in Bangladesh is essential. There are various good areas in Dhaka to build a duplex house. Residential areas such as Baridhara, Bashundhara R/A, Nikunja, and Uttara is an ideal place for your duplex house. In areas like these, you will get a likely neighborhood, facilities like schools, hospitals, malls, and restaurants will be in the vicinity. However, due to rapid development, the mentioned areas are becoming overcrowded. If you are one among those who like to spend a peaceful life away from the daily chaos, then up-growing neighborhoods like Savar, Purbachal, and Bosila would likely be your choice. You could take in the fresh air while admiring the natural beauty of these locations.


Costing is a major factor to account for while building your house. The cost of your duplex house will be determined by where you want to build it. Cities such as Chittagong and Dhaka, for example, will cost you significantly more than Khulna, Sylhet, and Barishal. Likewise, areas situated in the heart of the city will certainly cost you more than areas on the outskirt of the city. The construction cost, building materials, labor, and the location of your plot will all have a significant impact on your expenses. A lakeside plot will necessitate additional underground piling, correspondingly, an area far from the market will cost you an additional penny for transportation. Keeping everything in mind, it is crucial to choose an appropriate location as well as other materialistic circumstances so that you can go easy on your budget.

Door Plan

There are two types of door plans for a duplex house.

  • Side-by-side

The side-by-side door system is the typical design in the majority of duplex houses. This is a system when two units are adjacent but separated by a wall in the middle. There is one door each for both the units and both facing the same direction of the road. The parking for this type of configuration will be somewhere in the middle of the two doors. However, the owners sometimes prefer to have the parking lot in the left and right corners of the doors.

  • Front to back

This idea is not very common however, it can be very effective, especially if your house is in mid-land, facing one side of two roads simultaneously. This duplex house design can be easily mistaken for a single house since each door is facing separate roads. The parking lot here is somewhere around the corner, leaving a large yard. This style of architecture is increasingly gaining popularity. After all, having gates on both sides of the house comes tremendously handy.

Building Design in Bangladesh

  • Duplex house with basement

This kind of duplex house has a built-in basement to save space. This is one of the budget-friendly ways to increase the square foot of your house. You can have a basement garage, an exercise room, a study room, or maybe an extra bedroom for when you invite guests, all down your house. In addition, during hot summers you could always take shelter in your basement since the temperature there will be comparatively cooler. If you have a small plot and are worried about space in your house, then this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Duplex house with corner lot

A corner lot is always a desirable property. With the availability of corner space, a corner lot provides an incredible home design in Bangladesh. It gives a distinctive look to the house offering a side entry garage. You also get a lot more space yard space since the garage is at the corner, therefore, giving you more room to grow a beautiful garden. Having a house in the corner allows you to have more privacy and alone time than having it in middle.

  • Duplex house with narrow lot

Rumors have it that narrow houses are often congested. But a narrow house can be one of the cost-effective and environment-friendly houses since it requires less amount of land. With that said, a narrow lot requires a less maintains cost. The major perk of living in a narrow house is that you can utilize each corner for various purposes or in-built furniture, giving you more space to walk around. The front-to-back style of housing design is highly recommended for this kind of house. If well planned, then a narrow house can bring out a stunning appearance and stand out from all the other houses on the street. It is a perfect duplex house design in Bangladesh for those on a tight budget within a confined area.

  • Ranch style duplex house

This is the most distinctive, comfortable, and well-liked design on the list. This two-unit house has only one floor, rather than two. This small house is an excellent option for small families. The ranch-style house does not have a staircase, making it ideal for toddlers and the elderly. This style of home is simple to clean and maintain. Furthermore, being a one-storied house reduces construction costs. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of a two-storied duplex house in a ranch-style duplex house while cutting off the extra space.

  • Stacked duplex house

Stacked duplex house models are exquisite for a densely populated city like Dhaka. In this style of the house, the units do not stand side-by-side instead they are merged. This design is relatively smaller than that of a typical side-by-side design, occupying a smaller landmass. However, it still provides you a comfortable living space in a compact area.

Interior Designing

This is the most significant step in turning your house into a home. A well-executed interior design will not only give your home a welcoming appearance but will also improve your living space.

  • Make your staircase elegant

The reason why a duplex house stands out from other typical houses is that it facilitates a staircase inside the house. Thus, you should pay special attention to this unique feature of your house. You can make your staircase look elegant by constructing the stairs with glass which will illuminate the light and make your home appear brighter. Alternatively, you can give it a stylish spiral view, too.

  • Take advantage of the tall walls

Since you have a duplex house, you will have walls that are not separated by any boundaries between the two floors. The perk of having walls is you could hang or display some great artwork. If you are keen on plants, you can have a green wall in any of the tall walls, which will distinguish your house apart from the rest.

  • Connect with nature

Despite having a green wall inside the house, you should also take advantage of your large yard. Planting some flowers is a great idea to make the exterior of your house look young and alive. Moreover, if you decide to have a lawn full of plants, you will be astounded by the beauty and freshness of the air you inhale.

  • Sky-viewing roof

This feature will solely add to the opulence of your home. Having a roof with a clear view of the sky will allow direct sunlight to enter your house and at night you could spend some time stargazing while relaxing in your bedroom. A sky-viewing roof will act as a boon while connecting you to nature 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Final Words

Home is a haven and a comfort zone where you live with your family. You would prefer that your home be constructed with high-quality materials and decorated in a way you feel that makes you feel at ease. A duplex house is not an unrealistic idea but rather a way to acknowledge your dreams. The Bangladeshi building design for duplex houses is swiftly earning its popularity. However, building a duplex house itself could be challenging. Fortunately, you now have a basic concept of how you could build and arrange your duplex house. You could, however, add more flavor to suit your preferences. If you are determined to be a homeowner of a duplex house, then we are here to make your dream a reality.

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