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Here’s What Experts Are Saying About Home Safety | Tips To Prevent Accidents

March 13, 2021

Home accident! It sounds bad and the experience is also unpleasant. Sometimes it might be very dangerous even the death can occur. Of course, nobody expects anything bad in or around the home especially a home accident. But how many of us can stay this unwanted injury in the home?

Let’s know a statistic about the home accident. Every year more than 2 million children under the age of 15 face home accidents in and around the home. The percentage of the adult is not too poor. Just think, more than 30,000 people die only in the United States every year. Hopefully, we can make you understand how much dangerous it is and how carefully should we take preventive measures, right?

Well, it cannot be said that you or your beloved family member won’t experience any accident in the home. But there is a big hope. Yes, we can reduce the chance to near zero if we seriously follow some home safety tips to prevent accidents.

Before knowing the preventive steps we should know what are accidents occur in or around the home. You may think, all the accidents are known to you, but we believe there are many things that you don’t keep in your mind always. So, it is important to know the accidents that occur at home.

What Are The Accident Occur In or Around Home?

You may have known all the accidents that usually occur at home but you might hot have all of them in mind always. But if you see the list of accidents once then you can remind them quickly that help you taking preventive steps. Let’s have a look at the common and rare household accidents.

  • Falls
  • Slips
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Sprains
  • Chocking
  • Poisoning
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Firearm Injury.

We don’t say there is no injury outside this list. Moy may have had any other injury but we are sure that is surely related to any of this list.

Our Recommendation of Home Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

We are sure you are more conscious than the other people and you tried to make your home as safe as possible to keep your beloved family members and guests safe in your home. Nevertheless, we request you to follow our tips regarding the prevention of home accidents as we discuss here almost necessary precautions. Let’s check either you have taken all these steps or not!

Preventing Falls

You or anyone may fall down in your home. You may think, it might be not a major issue but it is. Especially your children may get affected badly on fallen. To be honest, a lot of spaces are there in your house where fallen may occur.

First of all, you have to pay attention to the wet spaces everywhere in or around the house. If you see even some drops of water on the floor, wipe it as your ids may fall on there. Your bathroom may have water on the floor but if you use slippers that don’t slip on the watery surface, it’s definitely a good idea.

Secondly, make safe your stairs. Secure your stairs with handrails as the chance is more there. It’s better if you can stall handrails on both sides. Don’t allow any watery substance or fluid on the handrails.

Thirdly, your kids fall frequently when they start learning to walk. In that case, you have to be more careful. At the same time, you also have to make sure you have no sharp edges furniture or anything that saves your baby from many accidents. Don’t forget to think about the roof of your house. The roof should have sidewalls that prevent unwanted falls from the roof.

Then, pay attention to the outside of your house. The main gate, the entrance of your house, sidewalk, and walkway should be clean always. Don’t allow water, snow, and ice anywhere in your house during summer and winter. Hopefully, these can save your children, guests, child, and any family member from falling.

Be aware of electrical hazards

At very first you should ensure the electrical connections are installed properly. Working all switches and sockets is a good sign usually. There should be well balanced between your demand and supplied power.

Remember easy access of any electrical point to the kids and children is a danger for you. So, keep them out of your child. Sometimes you may not notice an electrical appliance or power cable is getting damaged from the outside. But call a professional if you see any frays, tearing, or pinching on the power cable or anywhere. It is a sign of damage.

We always don’t pay attention if a single switch, socket, light, fan, or anything doesn’t work. If we can manage without that we don’t repair it instantly. But it should not be. After finding any fault, you should find out the cause and repair it as soon as possible.

Avoiding Cuts

Cuts are more common injurious of your house in the kitchen and otherwhere also. Yes, this injury occurred often in the kitchen but otherwhere may occur also. Our first suggestion is of using a sharp knife in the kitchen. Yes, the knife cuts better if it is sharp. But the blunt or dull knife tends to slip frequently and the chance of cut increases. After using the knife you should store it where it should be. Leaving the knife anywhere leads to cutting injuries more and more.

Outside the kitchen, it is necessary to find out any sharp objects where we have easy access and where we have to go often. No matter what it is, keep the sharp object out of reach of your children. At the same time, keep your knife, and any other sharp material in a safe place.

Many of us have a bad habit that we cut different fruits keeping them in your hand. If you do this, avoid this habit from now.

Safety against Burns

Burns hazards always don’t mean getting burned from the fire only, any hot object can be the cause of burn that you know. That is why we should think of all objects that get hot regularly or occasionally along with fire. Don’t allow your children to go near the fire. Besides, you should not bring them to the kitchen as the chance is more here.

Burns safety is not only important for the children, but it is also important for the adults also. Don’t forget to plug out the iron when you’ve completed the task and keep it in a safe place. And keep away the light from your child always.

You may forget either the cookware is hot or not! So, what will you do? The best option is not to touch them without a hot pad when you are cooking. And check your stovetop at least twice after cooking has finished.

Even after taking all preventions, you can’t say you won’t have an accident. The fire extinguisher can help you a lot in many ways. So, it should be always located in a place that is always easily accessible.

Sanitizer is now a necessary thing for all of us. Do you know it helps fire burning? Hopefully, you won’t keep sanitizer cloze to fire after knowing this. And now you can get fire safety precautions and can advise others how to prevent fire at home.

Safety to Prevent Poisoning

Poisoning doesn’t always the effect of poisons directly. There many substances that may become poisonous if they are eaten. Household poisoning usually involves your children and this is not the result of taking poison most of the time. In-house poisoning incidents mostly involve cosmetics, clearing detergent, medicine, and so on. Your children may not know which is harmful to them but you have to educate them about household poisoning. You have to teach them how to avoid accidents from poisoning. If your baby is too able to understand, keep the things out of them.

Save Your Children from Drowning

Have you swimming pool in your home? Do you know how to swim? If you know how to swim then this part is not for you but your other family member? Don’t allow your younger children without a life jacket if the swimming pool is too deep.

Your kids or children might not survive in shallow water. That is why you should not keep left your bucket or bathtub full of water if you have kids in your home. We advise you not to see off your children and kids when they are near the water.

Choking and Suffocation Prevention

You might not have this experience but are your children safe from this accident? When you feed your children observe them always. Don’t let them any fruits by their own hands those have seeds. The seed may block the respiratory channel which leads to respiratory arrest. Besides, cut all fruits into small bites as they can eat comfortably.

This accident can be the cause of toys, blankets, pillows, and others. If your baby has small toys, observe them when they play with them. Remember they are not safe with the pillow and blanket. They can try to eat the cotton of pillow and fiber of blanket. So, be careful about that.

Preventing Foodborne Illness

All the mentioned home safety tips to prevent accidents help you a lot, no doubt. After preventing accidents and injuries of the mentioned facts you might not get rid of home accidents completely if you can’t prevent foodborne illness. Cleanliness is a must-have thing especially in making food.

Clean and fresh food is definitely necessary for you all but is more important for your children. Your children might not have a good immune system when they are kids. Even a speck of small dirt may cause a serious issue for them. So, you have to prepare food thoroughly clean, and safe. Don’t use any contaminated instrument either that is the knife, cutting board, or cooking utensils. The cooking pots and pans also should be properly cleaned. And don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly before making the meal.

Keep Firearm Safe

You might have a firearm in your house. It is necessary for your security and safety. At the same time, you also should pay attention as it won’t be the cause of your child’s death. The firearm should be kept in the right place where it should be placed. The best ideal is keeping firearms in a gun safe. If you don’t have this, keep them at least in a place that is not accessible for the children.

Some Words about Your Liabilities as A homeowner

As a guardian, you have many liabilities to your family members, and you take the responsibility of course. Besides, the term ‘’premises liability’’ states that you are might be responsible for the person who gets injured on your property. Hopefully, you can understand how many liabilities you have as a homeowner. And that is why knowing how to prevent accidents and taking preventive steps are equally important for you.

The Takeaway

Most of the time we try our best but sometimes we can’t be successful in all stages. Our goal is to raise awareness to every people about household accidents and injuries. Not only that, but we have been giving much advice on home safety tips to prevent accidents also. We want to ensure a safe home where the chance of unintentional fatal injury is near zero. Follow these tips and make your home safer than it was in the past.

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