How to sell your ready flat in Dhaka

How to sell your ready flat in Dhaka

December 15, 2023

Selling your ready flat in Dhaka is not an easy task in this competitive real estate marketplace. At some points, it may take a longer time than your expectations. In such cases, a few simple and easy steps can help you out to sell your ready flat in a possible time frame. In this practical guide, we are going to seek out the ways that can really help you to meet with the targeted buyers.

Things you Need to Keep in Mind:

Before attracting the potential buyers in your ready flat, you must keep in mind that “When and Whom” you are going to engage in your ready flat for selling purpose. “When and Whom”, right?

  • When to Sell: Get ready with your wrist watch and stay tuned observing the current fluctuation rates of ready flats in your local area. Pick a best time when the pricing meets the budget of your clients.
  •  Whom to Sell: There are basically three types of buyers who can be your easiest targets.
  1. A Tenant: Your tenant can be your customer, to whom you can manage to sell your ready flat in Dhaka, where he has been living for a period of time. Sometimes it may not meet the required amount of money, but it helps you to get a buyer easily.
  2.  An Investor: You can easily target an investor, who is willing to buy your ready flat within a short period of time. But as the investor looks to buy your flat for selling purpose, it would be quite difficult for you to get a smart amount of money after a hard-core bargaining.
  3. An End User: The most handsome buyer of your ready flat in Dhaka is absolutely an end-user, who wants to live in your house after purchasing it. If your house meets the requirements he looks for as his own, he will definitely buy it offering the ongoing market price or more.

Make your House Lucrative:

It is very important to make your house lucrative to meet the ongoing market demands. Because everyone who wants to buy a ready flat in Dhaka, always keeps their eyes ON to the new trends of the market. So, you need to be up-to-date following a few tips and tricks to decorate your ready flat more customer engaging.

  •  Decoration: Try to represent your house in a classy way that attracts the buyer’s eyes. Making it free, clean and well maintained can draw more attention to your valuable customers.
  • Refurbishment: Find out the damages of your house, and fix those out. Paint your house again to give a fresh and new look. It helps sellers to negotiate with targeted buyers.
  •  Light Set-Up: In a day light you may not face any snags to show your ready flat to the buyers. But at evening hours, when there will not be enough light, you need to set-up a couple of elegant lights to brighten the interior of your house.
  • Video and Photography: Capture a short video and click some charming photos that will help you to reach more targeted customers through various advertising media. 
  • Reasonable Price: According to the market value, you should determine a price tag to sell your ready flat in Dhaka that you are targeting to sell within a short period of time.

Keep your Legal Documents Ready:

Legal documents get the first priority to sell your house in Dhaka. Anybody who wants to buy your ready flat, also wants to verify your legal documents first. For this reason, you need to keep ready the legal documents in your pocket. If you feel confused about what the legal documents you must keep close to your hands to sell your ready flat in Dhaka, you should follow the simple guidelines below.  

  1.     Government Authorized Flat Ownership Records.
  2.     Construction Authorization Documentations.
  3.     Real Estate’s License Certificates.
  4.     Flat Tax Clearance Receipts.
  5.     List of all Bills you Pay.
  6.     Power of Attorney.
  7.     Previous Deeds.
  8.     Identity Certification.
  9.     Police Clearance.
  10.   All Original Documents.

Find a Professional Agent to Sell your Ready Flat in Dhaka:

If you face difficulties to match up with all the requirements that we have suggested above, you may call for a professional real estate agent, which can solve your problems within a clock hour. The advantage of hiring a professional agent is that they are always in a hurry to explore a potential buyer for your house. At the existing competitions in the flat selling market, your agent will strategically manage all the necessary actions to sell your ready flat in Dhaka as you can easily relieve your tension regarding the selling persistence. 

However, at the closing hour it is pivotal to remind you about all the vital actions you need to take to sell your ready flat in Dhaka. Firstly, plan a strong strategy including “when and whom” you are trying to reach to sell your house. Secondly, try to meet all the possible engagements to display your flat smarty. Thirdly, manage the legal documents of your ready flat and present those to your customers before asking. Last but not the least, always stay connected with the popular property selling agents, websites and social media that can help you to get your potential buyers in a short period of time. 

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