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Office Interior Design in Bangladesh

August 7, 2021

Considering Office Interior Design in Bangladesh?

What would be the first thing you observe when you walk into any office? For sure, the answer is decoration and design.

Consider the following scenario: you walk into an office and notice that everything is out of place. The walls are shabby, the desks are disorganized, and there is not enough room for natural light to enter.

Consider another scenario where you enter a workplace and discover that everything is well-organized, the walls adorned with alluring artwork, and the environment is clean. Which among these is more welcoming? Without any doubt, it has to be the second one.

The interior decoration and design is a significant factor to account while setting up your office. The decoration of your office reflects the vision of your company while giving it a stunning look.

A well-functioning and comfortable working environment are crucial for the employees to enhance their efficiency and productivity. It is also equally important to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the customers, to make them feel at ease.

Being one of the best interior design service providers in Bangladesh, we are here to provide you some tips for your office.

Check out few suggestions for your corporate office design in Bangladesh

  1. Floor design

Flooring is the first and the foremost essential step for office decoration. With the availability of various flooring designs, it can be pretty challenging to choose the perfect aesthetic for the office floor.

The floor is a long-term commitment; thus, you should be very particular about selecting the appropriate floor color for your business setting.

You could opt for traditional wooden flooring, which is sophisticated, long-lasting, and durable, making it perfect for the long run. Unless you are looking for low maintenance, then ceramic tiles would be a perfect choice for you.

While the hardwood and ceramic tiles being costly, you could always settle for laminate. Laminate is comparatively cheaper and an adequate alternative to ceramic tiles or hardwood.

  1. Wall color and decoration

Wall color and decoration are significant to bring out an energetic environment to the workplace. Instead of dull wall paint, you would want your wall to look colorful with waves of inspiration, making your office look less stressful and more fun to work.

Moreover, your office walls should draw the attention of your clients by cheerfully marketing your company’s vision and motto.

Walls with a variety of colors are always a magnificent way to attract customers. Additionally, different colors convey messages. But dark colors can sometimes add a sophisticated look to your workplace.

Portfolios and photographs can be added to the accent wall to display your work.  Or quote on the wall. Not to forget, a wall of fame is perfect for boosting the motivation of your employee.

To further enhance the appearance of your office wall is to give it a touch of nature by establishing a green wall. However, you must select the type of work you want to display on your walls based on your business.

  1. Lights

Whether the light source of your office is artificial or natural, it has an immense impact on the production and creativity of work and employees’ physical health and moods.

When selecting lighting, you should make the most of the natural light covering your workspace. Allowing sunlight into your office has numerous health benefits, including minimal eye strain.

In terms of energy efficiency, artificial lights such as LED are an excellent substitute for fluorescent lights. Furthermore, it also serves longer compared to other lighting fixtures.

Apart from these two functional light factors, you should pay close attention to the decorative lights and fixtures to enhance the visual character of your office. Track lighting and wall sconces are excellent recommendations for auxiliary lighting.

Choosing the appropriate light color and fixtures for your corporate office interior design in Bangladesh is essential for keeping your employees active, motivated, and healthy. Additionally, a well-lighted environment gets more attention from the customers

  1. Ergonomic and furniture

While purchasing furniture, it is vital to take ergonomic furniture into account. You should provide a pleasant working environment for your employees to work efficiently. Moreover, prioritizing the needs of employees will help them form a favorable impression of the company.

For instance, if you create bank interior design and decoration in Bangladesh, your employees will have to sit and face clients throughout the day. Then you should certainly provide your employees with a moveable chair along with an armrest, headrest, and back support.

Other furniture like selves, cupboard, desk, and so on, should be adequately placed, leaving enough space for movement. You must bear in mind that your office furniture is the only materialistic element which gives your office a professional look.

Unlike home, a workplace should only consist of functional but versatile furniture. As a result, it will improve the office’s identity, attract customers and make the employees feel at ease.

  1. Space

An appropriate floor plan must abandon enough space apart from official functionality. You must ensure your office environment is not congested and suffocating.

Factual circumstances like emergency evacuation should be taken into consideration while planning an office layout.

Furniture should be placed in such a manner so that your employees have enough mobility to move around the office while still leaving sufficient space for the customers.

Your office interior design and decoration in Dhaka leave a necessary room that helps employees to stimulate focus on their daily work. Besides, the adaptable surrounding enables accommodating growth with improved collaboration while increasing productivity for the business.

  1. Touch of nature

Having plants provide businesses with a beautiful and natural addition to the interior decoration while offering the overall well-being of your employees.

It has been scientifically proven that having greenery in the workplace helps in reducing stress and allows creative thinking, thereby enhancing work performance.

Today’s centralized air conditioning system in modern offices prevents airflow from the atmosphere. Therefore, making the inside air more toxic than the air outside. Plants benefit us by absorbing unnecessary gas and cleaning the air.

In addition to enhancing the ambiance of your office, plants help to reduce noise. While getting relief from harmful air, individuals will be less likely to become ill. Plants like Snake Plant and Anita Dragon Tree are ideal choices for office.

Final Word

We all have our personal choice, which others may not always idealize. Some may prefer bright colors for the walls, while others like to opt for darker shades. When you are in charge, it can be stressful to consider everyone’s point of view and satisfy them.

In such a case, our company will gladly assist you with your office interior design in Bangladesh. Being the leading interior design service provider in Bangladesh, it is our responsibility to bring out an alluring look in your office that is accepted by all, regardless of the size.

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