Stylish Wall Shelf Ideas for Your Modern Home

Stylish Wall Shelf Ideas for Your Modern Home

March 21, 2021

Nothing can be better than having wonderful decoration for your stylish home to have the best look. Of course, it means a lot but wall shelf plays one of the most important roles. It is not like that you can install everywhere wall shelf. In fact, you can install it as you want but an indiscriminate setup of that shelf might destroy all decoration of your house.

So, it’s important to have the best wall shelf design in the best place. You ask us why do you talking about the wall shelf in spite of having many typical ideas. Well, you will get many advantages of it that will be described in the respective section.

However, at this time we are going to give you the ideas of where to install and what will be the design of the structure that you are going to install. So, let’s move on to stylish wall shelf ideas for your modern home.

Some Innovative Stylish Wall Shelf Ideas for Your Modern Home

Though the content is going to be about the shelf ideas of your home, we will not go to describe the shelf ideas of shop, office, and others. Get the ideas described here and make your home more beautiful than you ever thought.

Wall Shelf Ideas Just the Side of Front Door

A floating shelf by the entryway of your compartment can save a lot of space. Especially for those who have tight and tiny space just inside the front door, this idea is perfect for them. In that space, you can definitely have any floating shelf that you like but the taller one looks better. The wider one is imperfect there we are not saying that but if you have tight space there, thinking about a tall shelf is definitely a wise decision. It doesn’t give you some storages only, it gives you a modern and appealing look to the wall also. So, try to use the neglected space by the front door.

Wall Shelf Ideas for Media Room

Most probably all we are getting bored see the Television floating alone in space. The television hanging on the wall is definitely a good idea and that place is perfect for this media device. But having some shelves around or on the television is the better idea, no doubt. You can understand the shelf by the television side will be not used to keep your dishes but can be used to put books, stylish showpieces, some amazing indoor plants, and others. After installing a shelf on that space, you will discover you have something special and your media room has got an amazing new look.

Dining Room Wall Shelves Ideas

We know you have a clean and wonderful-looking dining space. And you have a gorgeous looking dining table and dining set also. But don’t think, the thing related to taking food is only suitable in your dining space. You can easily give an aesthetic look if you just have some wall shelves of different shapes and designs. It’s not mandatory to have a shelf of different designs but it looks prettier when you decorate with different design wall shelves.

Wall Shelf Ideas for Bedroom

Some people think you should implement this idea in the bedroom when you have a tight space issue in your living room. But it is not right actually. For a tight space bedroom, a wall shelf idea is definitely the best idea. At the same time, having a floating shelf in the large bedroom is also an innovative idea. The shape and design of the shelf depending on where you are going to set it and the purpose of use also. If you want to install it just near your bed, it’s better if it is wider. On the other hand, you can have vertically on the other spaces of your bedroom.

We are more used to have a table lamp on the table. But the wise thinking is having some illuminating lights on the floating shelf in your bedroom. In the bedroom, some books, parts, bags, showpieces, and some indoor plants look pretty good on the wall shelf.

Wall Shelves Ideas for Kitchen

We cannot think of our kitchen without having a kitchen cabinet. It’s really likely. And it is really necessary. But how many of us can think of having hanging shelves in the kitchen. Almost everybody wants to decorate their kitchen better than any other space in the home. Yes, the kitchen decoration is the dream of us, especially of your mother.

However, a wall shelf in the kitchen can change the entire look of your kitchen. The size of the shelf depends on what you want to put on it! After that, you may think about what you should put in the cabinet and what should be on the shelf, right? Well, just tell us what do you need to use frequently? At the same time, you also have to think about the design and outlook of the thing that you want to put on the shelf. Of course, you want to put the thing that creates an aesthetic look in your kitchen.

Hopefully, you understand what should be on the shelf and what in the cabinet.

Wall Shelf Ideas for Bathroom

Tell us, who doesn’t know the idea of having a shelf just below the mirror in the bathroom? We are not saying it’s a worse idea but we can think new. You may definitely have one more hanging shelves in the bathroom those are used to put your necessities in the bathroom. The shelf in the bathroom should not be so large. You only think the size is enough to carry your necessaries. Wood is a perfect element for floating shelf setup but the thing is not good for the bathroom as the wood gets damaged when it comes to contact with water. At the same time, you also should avoid metals that are not rust and corrosion-resistant.

Don’t Forget to Have Kid’s Storage

Who doesn’t love to see the kids playing? Having the right place to store your kid’s toys and playing elements is important. Your kids may be joyful and happy by see an interesting thing only. That is why having kid’s storage is a good idea. It is not like that you only keep the toys there you can also store books and other necessaries on the shelf.

When you install the shelf for your kids then you should think about how high it should be. If you give them easy access, you should have a low setup. On the other hand, install a bit higher if you don’t want to give your kids direct access. If you are worried about anything being broken on the shelf, you should hang it higher as they don’t have access.

How Much Space Is Necessary To Install Wall Shelves?

It solely depends on your needs, in fact. Nobody can say better than you how much space do you need. Really! Just write some questions in your notepad and answer them. What you will put on it? How much weight of them? How is the size and shape of those things? Just get the answers to these questions and then measure the space available on your wall. The length and width are not enough, you also have to measure the depth also. Got it?

What Materials You Should Use?

To be honest, different materials are used for this purpose. Basically, it depends on your desired outlook, style, durability, and sturdiness. But most commonly plywood and wood veneers are used. They are budget-friendly. On the other hand, many other instruments are used often to make stylish wall shelves for your modern home. Among the stainless steel, maple, walnut, iron, and some others are notable. But most of the instruments require a high price. They are long-lasting, sturdier, good looking but the price is the only issue.

Benefits of Having Wall Mounted Shelf

A lot of benefits you will get when you have shelves on the wall. In fact, it gives you some extra benefits over the cabinet. We are not going to tell you the benefits in detail as it requires a whole content to explain. The following benefits are notable and we think those are enough to be encouraged to install wall-mounted shelves.

  • Saves a lot of space.
  • Display your personality.
  • Easy to access.
  • Organize your clutter.
  • Requires less space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Gives a cleaner and aesthetic look.
  • Multifunctional

Frequently Asked Question

Q- Can a floating shelf hold a TV?

A- Yes! A floating shelf is very much capable of holding a television. In this case, you just have to ensure you have used the right material for making a shelf that is strong enough to bear the weight of the television.

Q- How much weight can you put on floating shelves?

A- It is approximately up to 75 pounds. The answer to this question is very similar to the previous one. You have to ensure it is correctly made to hold the weight and the right material is used. If the shelf is made perfectly with the right material, it can even hold more than 300 pounds. Yes!

Q- How deep should wall shelves be?

A- If you keep just book on it the shelf of 10 inches depth is enough. But when you store other items that have a larger depth, then you should increase the shelf depth. But it should not be more than 3 feet without center support.

Q- How thick should my shelf be?

A- Usually, ¾ inch material is used for making most shelves. But when you need a sturdier more weight-bearing shelf then you can go for 1 ¼ inch for ultimate support.

Q- What is the cheapest wood for shelves?

A- Pine is the best option for you when you are searching for the cheapest option. You also have some other options which are also affordable plywood, Koa, cherry, Mahogany, Paduak, and others.


The time has come to close down the content. We hope, we can make you understand and you get a complete idea of making a wall shelf for your home. Even then, in the end, you want to remind an important matter. Always pay the attention to the color of the material and the color of your wall. If the colors don’t suit each other, it might look odd. Just think if the shelf is able to hold the weight before anything on the shelf.

Follow this guide and implement these stylish wall shelf ideas for your modern home and make the interior unique.

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