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How to Beat Summer Heat: Tips for Cooling a Small Room without Air Conditioning

May 10, 2022

Living in a small space can be difficult during the summer when the temperatures soar. Just because you don’t have air conditioning doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the heat.

There are a number of ways to cool your small room without air conditioning. We’ll share some of our favorite tips, from installing big windows and using awning canvas shade to buying a cooling mattress and using portable coolers and table fans.

Tips for Cooling a Small Room without Air Conditioning

Install big windows and white or soft color shades or blinds

Installing big windows and using shades or blinds in white or soft colors are a great way to keep your room cool in the summer. The natural light will brighten the space, and the soft colors will reflect the light and keep the room from getting too hot.

Install an awning above windows

The awning is a sheet of canvas material stretched on top of the windows to give shade from sun or rain. An awning above your windows can help keep the sun’s rays from entering your room and heating it up.  The awning will also provide shelter from the rain, so it’s a great option for rainy or summer months.

Use wooden light weight furniture rather than iron and steel

Another way to keep cool is by using furniture that doesn’t absorb a lot of heat. Wood is better than metal because it doesn’t get as hot. So if you’re in the market for some new furniture, be sure to go with something made of wood instead of metal. It will help keep your small room cool and comfortable all summer long.

Use white or soft color wall painting

Painting your walls in white or a soft color is another way to help keep your room cool in summer. The light colors will reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it, keeping your room cooler.

Buy a Cooling Mattress, Pillows, and Sheets

One way to keep your small room from becoming an oven during the summer is to buy cooling mattresses, pillows, and sheets. There are a variety of companies that make these products, and most of them work by using special cool materials and construction to draw heat away from your body.

Use small portable coolers

If air conditioning isn’t an option, you can still keep your room cool by using small portable coolers. They are quite inexpensive to buy and need a small amount of electricity to run. All you need is ice water and you can keep your room temperatures comfortable all day long.

Luckily, there are a few tactics you can try. These small coolers work by circulating cold air using ice water. So, you can place them in strategic spots around the room to help circulate the air.

Use table portable fans with Ice or Cool Water in Front

Another great way to beat the heat is by using table fans. Place a bowl of ice or cold water in front of the fan to create a mini-air conditioning unit for your room. This simple DIY home project can save you a considerable amount of monthly electricity bills.

Try color shaded windows to stop summer heat rays

One way to reflect the summer sun’s rays and keep your room cooler is to use dark shades on the windows. This helps stop the heat and radiation from entering directly to the room and make a dynamic comfortable environment for home insiders. You can also try installing different colored glass shades to achieve the same effect.

Try window creeper vines to shade from summer heat

One of the most natural ways to keep your small room from getting too hot is to install some vines on the windows. Not only will they provide shade and keep the sun out, but they’ll also add a touch of greenery to the room. If you’re not sure what type of vines to use, we recommend trying a creeper vine. They’re specifically designed to cling to walls and windows, so they’ll be perfect for outside. Just make sure you pick a spot that gets plenty of sunlight, as the vines need sun’s UV rays for their survival.


Summer heat can be unbearable, especially in small spaces. These tips would definitely help you keep your home cool and comfortable without breaking your bank.

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