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How to Choose the Right Type of Air Conditioners for Your Home

March 9, 2021

Have you forgotten about the air conditioner? If the season is winter then there is no problem. But if it is the season when the humidity level is more in the air then it should be your primary headache.

How many of us can tolerate the raised temperature of hot summer. We can’t, you? Anyway, the air conditioner is a must-have home appliance that you know well.

However, are you planning to replace your old air conditioner? Are you planning to have a new air conditioner? If someone asks you to get some advice regarding an air conditioner, what tips will you give him? All you need to know here is the types of air conditioners: choosing the best AC for your home will be easy and you can give the right idea to others also.

Don’t think, you know all types of AC mean you have known everything. You also have to know how to maintain it. Yes, you also should know home ac maintenance tips. Don’t worry we will cover everything in this guide. Now your only task is reading the entire content carefully. So, let’s start knowing the types of air conditioners at first.

Different Types of Air Conditioners

A question may arise from your mind that there are many types but how do you know which one is best for you, right? Well, we will not tell you this but you can decide this after having an idea about all their types. And you can also decide which AC is suitable for your small room and which for your large space, and why? Let’s move on.

1.      Portable Air Conditioner

We can have some relevant information about portable air conditioner from its name. Yes! It is portable. So it should be lightweight to move around. And this one is not used to cool only a fixed room rather it is used in different spaces as it is portable.

Yes, it doesn’t need to be fixed in space. It is always mobile and it is one of the most common types of air conditioners. It has a condenser coil inside which makes the air cool and pushes out the warm air outside through its exhaust hose. That’s why it needs an exhaust vent to pass hot air outside. You can easily put this unit window side or anywhere where you can set the exhaust hose towards the outside.

For Whom It Is Suitable

First of all, you have to think about the advantage of this unit. It is portable. That means if you need to use your ac unit in a different room frequently then it is only and the best option. At the same time, you also have to know its capacity for cooling. This type of ac unit is usually available up to 15,000 BTUs. A portable 10,000 BTUs ac unit can cool a maximum of 300 square feet. So, go for buying this type after having an exact measurement of your room.

And of course, it is best suitable for you if you want to avoid a permanent installation setup.

2.      Window Air Conditioner

Most probably it is the most common type among all. And we are sure every day you see this unit hanging on the window while walking in the street. It is window mounted and fixed on the window but it can be reinstalled to the other room, of course.

The window air conditioner pushes out the hot air from the inside of the room and it pushes back the fresh air from the outside also. Usually, this unit is installed for the purpose of cooling a single room. If you want to cool a lot of room you need to install a separate window air conditioner to the individual room. For this purpose, the portable unit is similar to this window ac.

For Whom It Is Suitable

This type of air conditioner is not as expensive rather largely inexpensive as the portable unit. The primary difference is it is fixed and the portable one is mobile. If you have a window where fresh air and light are available, this unit is suitable for you. Though it can be moved and reinstalled, that should not in every month or frequently. If you need to change your home or room, that’s no problem. Just remember, it is portable.

3.      Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner

As the name of this unit ‘’ductless mini-split air conditioner’’ works without ductwork. This unit is mainly installed in a wall and there a three-inch hole is needed. The unit has an outdoor compressor and also has an evaporator coil inside and an air handling unit.

Compare to the window and portable ac unit, this indoor unit is more energy efficient. The unit can be used for both cooling and heating purpose which is a great advantage for most users. The temperature of your room can be controlled accurately by this unit and you can control the temperature of different rooms individually.

For Whom It Is Suitable

If you want such an air conditioner that works without ductwork, choose types of air conditioners for home. This type is mainly designed for cooling the old home. It is energy-efficient, quiet functioning, accurate temperature control, and can be easily installed. But the only drawback it is expensive compared to other types. If you install it in just one room, then it is ok. But it requires a big budget when you are planning to cover your entire house. Otherwise, it is ok.

4.      Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is the most popular air conditioning system when you want to cool your entire house. It works as a ducted air pipes system that can cool any room in your house or apartment. As with the other unit, it is not easy to install but quite easy to control. But the installation is not your headache as the professional will do everything.

Some ac units produce some noise which is disgusting but it is not like others. It works silently and energy-efficient also. Most important it is almost invisible as all air conditioning equipment is located outside.

For Whom It Is Suitable

When you are planning to cool your entire house or apartment, installing the central air conditioner is definitely the best option for you. You must need to hire a professional for installing the unit. And remember a unit is a permanent appliance in your home and of course it adds more value to your house. You have to maintain this unit at least once a year that requires maintenance cost. And the cost is not always a little amount. This is only the drawback of this unit.

5.      Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

It might be the same as the wall-mounted ductless mini-split air conditioner to you but in reality, there have some differences. This type of ac comes in a ductless mini-split design that can be mounted a maximum of six inches higher on the floor.

You may need to check the air filters of the unit sometimes and it gives you easy access. Besides, it also gives you easy access when you need to handle this in an emergency condition. As the ac is not placed higher, you can always keep it clean without any hassle.

For Whom It Is Suitable

If we talk about its functionality, it is always suitable for small spaces. But for the large space, it is not compatible. People who have respiratory issues cannot tolerate all kinds of ac but it is suitable for them. At the same time, it is the best option for the other who has fragile material wall for example glass, board, etc. Of course, this is the unit that keeps the air inside your room as clean as possible.

On the other hand, if you have a space issue in your room you should not go for this as it requires some space. If you have available space after putting in all the necessary furniture then you should go for this.

6.      Ceiling Type Air Conditioner

Think, the air inside the room is cool at the right temperature as the ac is running but it is invisible. You can assume the aesthetic look. Of course, this is the advantage of this type at the same time it is powerful enough. Usually, this kind of ac is installed on the ceiling and it is attached to the invisible pipes.

Compared to the other types of air conditioners it is a bit expensive, to be honest. Though the types are expensive, after installing them in your home you also have something special in your house. As it is ceiling mounted, the direction of throwing cooled air is vertical for this unit. And you feel pleasant cool just standing under the ac.

For Whom It Is Suitable

This type of ac is mainly produced for installing in commercial buildings such as office, super shop, and otherwhere but you can also bring it into your living room. You just have to pay a bit more than the other typical air conditioner types and it also adds an extra value, no doubt. We personally love to have it, especially for its invisibility and power. Don’t you?

7.      Hybrid Air Conditioner

A hybrid air conditioner is a unit that can be used for both cooling and heating the air. It has a heat pump that pulls out the heat from the room to the outside in the summer and in the winter it brings heat from the outside to inside. You can program the system either it brings heat or pull out from the inside.

As with the other ac units, it doesn’t consume much energy for functioning. Rather it consumes less energy to give you the optimum temperature you need. You may get an air conditioner that gives you a cool environment of many types but this kind of dual functioning air conditioner type is limited. And this one is an excellent option.

For Whom It Is Suitable

As we said it is an energy-saving room cooling and heating unit. It gives you maximum comfort at the same time consumes minimum energy. But you have to consider a bit at the time of the first setup. To be honest, it requires a comparatively large budget while the first installation.

8.      Geothermal Air Conditioner

This is the other heating and cooling unit but the system has not so long a history as the other systems. Do you know the underground temperature (About 5 feet deep) is always constant? It doesn’t matter what is the temperature of the earth! The geothermal system brings heat from the underground and transfers it to your room for keeping a cool environment.

On the other hand, it also brings heat from the earth and keeps your inside temperature hot in the winter. For installing the unit for the first time you need a good professional. The geothermal coil is placed underground as it can use underground temperature. The unit is energy efficient and sustainable.

For Whom It Is Suitable

If you make a list of some energy-efficient ac, its position will always be on the topper. The heating and cooling system works better and maintains the expected temperature always. It gives you the great advantage of a very long lifespan. Yes, if you need a long-run air conditioner, you should keep it as your first option. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind it is costly to set up. So, if the budget is no problem for you then go for this.

9.      Spot Coolers

This is an exceptional air cooler in this list. The air cooling system is also different from this cooling unit. It has commonly two pipes but may have more also. Almost all the air conditioners are placed outside the room but this one is placed outside the area that will be cold.

At first glance, it might not seem to you like an air conditioner. After understanding as an air cooler you may think it is a portable unit and yes it is portable. You can easily move it. Now you can ask us why it is not included in the portable type. Right? The answer is its cooling system is different and this one is not mainly used for the cooling room.

For Whom It Is Suitable

As we said, this unit is not used typically for lowering the room temperature. It is used to cool mobile vehicles such as boats, ships, and airplanes also. Yes, if you have a small or mid-sized boat you can use this. Just place the spot cooler outside the boat and plug in the cable it allows cool air inside and pulls out the warm air outside.

Some Useful Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Buying the right air conditioner is necessary of course. Then you will install it properly in the right place. And the air conditioner will keep your room temperature as you need. Don’t think your duty is completed here. You also have to know how to maintain the air conditioner for the proper functioning of the air conditioner and of course having longer performance. Just follow the below-listed tops.

Clean The Air Filters

This is the first task that you need to do routinely for keeping your air conditioner good functioning. Clean your air filters after every month. If you use your air conditioner constantly, you may clean them more frequently. If the air conditioning unit gets hot, if the air isn’t cool enough, and if the utility bill increases a lot then you have to understand, it’s time to change the air filters.

Remove Debris

The unit may have dirt, leaves, or other things build up on your air conditioner outside. And the buildup definitely decreases the airflow and reduces its functionality. So, you should take care of the outside of the air conditioner to keep it clean.

Clean the Evaporator and Condenser Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils may have dirt after using the air conditioner for a specific period of time. Usually, the coils collect dirt and debris over time. If the coils get dirty, the unit won’t function well and you might not get the right temperature in the room. So, try to keep the coils free of dirt.

Preparing For Winter

During the winter season, you won’t use the air conditioner. That’s why you should be prepared before the winter knocking on your door. Cover the air conditioner while it is winter. Or remove (If possible) and store it in the right place. This can protect your air cooling appliance from winter debris.

Annual Maintenance

The above-mentioned ac tips and tricks help you a lot for keeping your air conditioner good functioning, no doubt. Even then, you should hire a professional to check the health of your air conditioner at least once a year.

The Takeaway

We are sure you’ve chosen the right air conditioner for you according to your room size and purpose of need. But to help you more we want to add some works. Choose the portable, window, and floor-mounted air conditioner for small spaces. They are budget-friendly also. On the other hand, a central air conditioner is a good option for the air cooling of your entire apartment. It doesn’t mean the other types of air conditioners are not suitable for you. Of course, you may get any type if matches your purpose and space area. Before closing the content, just one piece of advice for you to use with care and take regular maintenance. Just it.

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