Architectural Design and Consultancy

Our area of expertise and competency is on home architecture design, office architecture design, commercial architecture design, apartment building design, green architectural design, landscape design, duplex house architect design, Interior Design, and Exterior Design in Bangladesh.


The Bangladeshi Real Estate Company with Best Architectural Design, Landscape Design, and Interior and Exterior Solutions


Developing property and crafting lifestyles is an art GLG Assets Ltd take sincerely as a duty to their customers. GLG Assets ltd. is a renowned Real Estate Company in Bangladesh. We are an Architectural Design Consultancy Firm offering a range of Building Design Solutions to our clients.


Our area of expertise and competency is on home architecture design, office architecture design, commercial architecture design, apartment building design, green architectural design, landscape design, duplex house architect design, Interior Design, and Exterior Design in Bangladesh.


GLG Assets Ltd hires a talented pool of architects to take your home to new levels of comfort and aesthetics. Trusted for uncompromising quality and trend-setting innovation, GLG Assets ltd. has earned an unmatched reputation for luxurious & affordable developments, distinct architectural landmarks, and a wide selection of the finest residential addresses.

An architect will help make your vision to life, like putting seeds of flowers to blossom in gardens. They can do anything from a simple design to very complex interior and exterior detailing to the superintendence of the building process.

The home is where our heart is. People design homes with their separate likable vision of comfortable utility. Here the Architectural design plays a crucial role in building a livable house. It converts your building vision into a real-life project.

GLG hires the best architect designers in the Bangladesh industry for the last six to eight years. We also keep your building costs minimum and optimized. Proficient architects design your favorite homes and real estate to take advantage of natural lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, etc., which will save you less in utility bills and house maintenance costs.


Most Real Estate companies of Bangladesh even don’t deploy their architecture and logistics sector in a full-scale manner. The result is that clients who’re actively looking for a nice home architectural design don’t get customized designs. But GLG Assetshave a radical approach and vision.

In Bangladesh, where do the builders and customers find their potential architectural firms to customize their designs, how do they meet, and how do the real estate homemaker and the architecture engineering market converge? GLG Assets have taken care of all those matters to turn into one of the top Architectural Design company in Bangladesh.


We have a dedicated Architect Team working with us during office hours. Our clients can visit them as they visit us without any need to go to separate places. All building raw materials are present in our office for inspection. Hence, we’ve full transparency in every stack of our building and architectural services.


Architectural Design vs. Home Builders Design

Are you thinking of building a new home or complex? Will you use an architect or a building designer? Both are involved in the design of buildings – their appearance, layout, structure, etc. But what’s the difference?

The simplest difference is the approach. Architects have expertise and competence in their field of designs, which home builders lack. Homebuilders have a vision that they can readily relay to the architects. Architects then work to make that vision come into reality.

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GLG is a Bangladeshi Branding Architecture Firm with Best Building Designs

GLG Assets is providing the best branding process for marketing home and office businesses with the right architectural solutions.

We’ve dedicated Architectural Wings for residence, office, and commercial designs:

Residential Design

Do you want to style your dream home or renovate your existing home but feel uncertain about how to consult an architect for your project? Are you hesitant to rent an architect’s services because you think that architects are expensive? We, GLG Assets, one of the top Architectural Design consultancy firms in Bangladesh, offer you the service at a lower cost than our competitors with the true value of your time.

Office Design

You’re designing corporate office space; maybe we can help you to build your new identity via our unique design, layout, and decoration. New Office or modification of any old office always improves employee activities and their work mentality. Our architects can offer you a modern blend of corporate culture and usable office designs.

Commercial Design

Commercial spaces have flexible architectural designs that are customizable to satisfy the business decorum of a business entity. Our experts are available to help you do that, simply you need to seek our assistance for your commercial space! Whether you need a designer to constantly monitor your project right from the beginning, otherwise you need specific help with just a part of your project. GLG is renowned as the foremost apartment building designer and architecture design consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

GLG has Green Design and Landscape Architects 

If anyone wants to give any office space an amazing, mind-refreshing, and nature-like look then a green architectural design must be needed. If you make a List of Bangladeshi architects for Green Architects Design in Bangladesh, obviously GLG Assets would come as the best Architectural firm in Bangladesh.

GLG has Green Design and Landscape Architecture

With the recent changes in world climate and the remarkable decline in non-renewable energy resources, the role of Green Design Architects has become essential.

Green Design Architects are responsible for making eco-friendly and energy-efficient architectural designs. They continuously work on innovating effective green design methods that leave a minimal impact on the environment. Nature is their true point of inspiration. These architects are knowledgeable in fields like nature, weather patterns, and outdoor landscape, as well as the properties of materials.

Landscape architecture is concerned with outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, neighborhoods, campuses, and public spaces. Landscape architects design these spaces to be efficient, engaging, and harmonious with the environment. They decide the locations for buildings, walkways, greenery, and other hardscape elements accordingly. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a well-designed landscape feature around your home or office. GLG Assets have a dedicated team of Green Design and Landscape Architects of Bangladesh.

Landscape architects choose the materials for the walkways and terrace gardens with various types of trees and shrubs and so they need to have a background in the science of urban horticulture. Also, they should be aware of suitable materials and plants for different climates and uses.

GLG has Interior and Exterior Design Solutions

Interior Design 

GLG Assets provide the Best Interior Design Services in Bangladesh. We can provide you a unique blend of modern customized Interior designs for your home or office. Designing and styling the interior of an apartment or an office requires artistic sense and technical knowledge. Interior Designers have a deep knowledge of building materials, fabrics, colors, and geometric furniture design.

Exterior Design 

The exterior complements the interior. Our architects have expertise knowledge in blending exterior architectures. The exterior 3 basic elements- The floor, The walls or vertical elements, and The ceiling, must have a good color combination with the Interior. And these three elements combine together to create a homely ambient space.



In our modern world of architecture, we cannot motivate our clients for final sales and buying without visualization techniques. GLG Assets have an in-house 3D Visualization team to make photorealistic 3D architectural and industrial renderings. We present our clients with both animations and still images of our projects.

GLG Provides A Comprehensive List of Interior Design Solutions

  • Wooden Floor (Imported & Local)
  • Office Furniture (Imported & Local Made)
  • False roof ceiling (Wooden, Gypsum, WPC, Board)
  • Rooftop Design & Implementation
  • Furniture Supply (Imported & Local Made)
  • Roof-top Gardening
  • Building renovation
  • Kitchen Cabinet & Wall cabinet
  • False ceiling (Wooden, Gypsum, WPC, Board)
  • Wall paneling (By Marble, wood, sand-stone, Glass, Mirror, tiles)
  • Tiles & Marble supply & fitting
  • Decorated Painting & Wall-paper fitting
  • Wooden indoor stair for duplex building
  • Glass indoor stair for duplex building
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fountain
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Supply and installation of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
  • Full-Height Cabinet (Wooden, Glass-Wood, Glass-Aluminum, Commercial/Barmatic Board)
  • Low –Height Cabinet
  • Metal ceiling
  • Stone Patios
  • Exterior & Interior Painting
  • Carpet tiles flooring


A One-stop Solution of Building and Architecture Design:

GLG ASSETS is an asset dream building company in Bangladesh. We help make dreams come true for our clients in the real estate and architecture industry. Since 2016 we continue our conquest with our slogan of “The art of living…”

Crafted by a team of more than 100 dedicated professional architects, technical, and administrative personnel, our best-value solutions save resources, increase efficiency, and maximize outcomes while maintaining a high industry standard.

We rely on our people’s work to deliver innovative solutions, develop strong client relationships, and be leaders in the Real Estate Development Sector. Drawing on our past 10 years of experience, we provide Building Design Consultancy, Implementation, and Visualization services with our expert team of Civil Engineers, Architects, and Interior/Exterior Design Specialists.