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Real Estate Business

Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of a sweet home? We are sure you are also a visionary person! We appreciate you!

But one problem we always face that we cannot make a good correlation between our dream and our budget. Hope, you agree with us. This is natural that you want to live in a place where you live in comfort and the place you love. But most of the time, you cannot afford the price of the property. To all people, it is really a big issue. Right?

Don’t worry anymore about it!

We establish GLG ASSETS LTD, a real estate company in Bangladesh that works to make your dreams come true. A standard of living is one of your fundamental rights and we have been working since our establishment to ensure a good living for you.

There are a lot of real estate companies in Bangladesh definitely. But we offer you to come to us because we are confident that we can give you much better things than others. We are going to cover why you choose us, why do you need the help of real estate agents, what are our responsibilities, and everything about a real estate company. Let’s move on.

What Does Real Estate Mean Actually?

Real estate is a property consist of land and it may have buildings and any natural resources on it. Usually, the land has got immovable property such as buildings or housing in general.

Generally, real estate can be divided into four categories land, residential, commercial, and industrial. Each of them is used for different purposes that you can assume. Let me clear the matter.

First of all, land means there is a few or no structure on it. You can use the land to grow crops, farms, or any other thing that is not permanent on the property. The land i8s used definitely but no permanent structure is installed on it.

Secondly, residential means there are buildings or any structure on the land is established for residence purpose. This type of property is made for living purposes mainly.

Thirdly, the widely known term is commercial property. It includes a permanent structure that may similar or dissimilar to the residential property. But the primary difference is commercial property is used to generate money. Generally, the buildings or structures are used as office spaces, hotels, stores, and other kinds of business.

Finally, you can assume industrial property can be what. Industrial properties are generally used for the production of goods. The building or structure of an industry, factory, warehouse, or resource center is considered industrial property. Interestingly, commercial and industrial properties have a good connection between them. The goods are produced in industry and they are shifted to the commercial section for distribution. We hope, now you have a clear conception of real state property.

How Does A Real Estate Agent Help You?

We have multiple licensed real estate agents under our supervision who help you to buy or sell a property. They are trained and highly qualified to guide you in both purposes. They have a lot of responsibilities and help you in the following ways.

Duties of An Agent Of Real Estate Company

  • Making good communication with you by phone calls and emails.
  • Update the property list.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Draft and deliver documents.
  • Order supplies.
  • Keeping you updated all time.

Selling Real Estate Property

We always welcome you when you are a property seller. Your duty is just to communicate with us and tell us everything about your property. After gathering all knowledge about your property we start marketing as we can reach potential buyers. And we also play a potential role to give you the most possible and the best price. We do the following duties to help the property seller.

  • After competitive analysis, we add the best and realistic asking price.
  • Describe the reason for the price and highlight the places to invest money for improvements.
  • Prepare the property as a way to make it appealing to buyers.
  • Take photographs for sighting the property from all directions.
  • Advertise the property for bringing the attention of the buyers.
  • Make a schedule for showing the property and open house events.
  • Prepare all documents which are necessary.
  • And finally communicate with relevant people and institutes such as appraisers, lenders, escrow companies, and home inspectors.

Buying Real Estate Property

A lot of people contact GLG ASSETS LTD, which is a well-known real estate company in Dhaka. Yes, we’ve already gained the trust and they know we work hard to match the property with a realistic and affordable price as their expectations. Our agents help the buyers by taking on the following responsibilities.

  • Coordinate and supervise open house.
  • Arrange meetings.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of buyers.
  • Schedule for visiting the property.
  • Request for repairing the property if needed.
  • Offer all things on behalf of the buyer.
  • Prepare and review all necessary papers.
  • Guide the buyer through the entire steps including the closing process.

When You Should Work With A realtor?

Working with a realtor is obviously a good decision if you know when to work with them. When you don’t have any idea about the property you are going to purchase then a real estate agent can help you a lot. A good agent has all ideas about the property in relation to the present market condition including the price, previous history, neighborhood demographics, and all other necessary information. If you don’t have the idea, how do you assume the possible future of the property? In this case, the wise decision is to depend on the agent. No doubt, the realtor can help you a lot.

Benefits of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Why do you hire an agent if you don’t get any benefit at all? No matter whether you are looking for hiring, buying, or selling a real estate property, an agent can help you all the way. A lot of benefits you can get such as the following.

  • All our professionally qualified agents can help you from the beginning to the end of the buying, selling, and renting property.
  • They have proper knowledge of the current trends and market. That is why they can help you taking the right decision and saving your money.
  • They can also give you an idea about the possible future of the property.
  • They can also save you from a false person.
  • Communication with the relevant industry and community including appraisers, landscapers, inspectors, and contractors can give you the surety of getting good contact.

Why Choose Us?

If you check the real estate company list in Bangladesh, you will have a long list. Yes, this sector has been growing in Bangladesh since many years ago. And we are very happy as we have a good position among the top 20 real estate companies in Bangladesh. You may ask, how do we gain the position and why do people choose us. Find the answer below.

Experienced Professionals

We believe, something better always comes from the professionals who are experienced than the newbie. And that is why we recruited all experienced professionals in all sectors. Yes, it is true our company is not so age-longed but our employees. All of them have more than 20 years of experience in the relevant sectors. And they can give you better service than the novice person undoubtedly.

We Offer Incomparable Marketing

Marketing is the way to represent real state property to targeted buyers and sellers. The more you can advertise the possibility of buying and selling increases. No doubt, people use online media extensively but you should neglect the other media to advertise your property. And yes we use almost all for property advertisement. Local newspapers, television advertisements, different online platforms, and all other media we use if necessary. We do all these for reaching your property to all targeted buyers.


We always do our duties with transparency and utmost integrity of course. We don’t treat you as our customer, we maintain every buying and selling deal like my own. We play our roles always definitely but we always keep things in the mind of our needs, and expectations. After all, we treat and help you as my family member.


We believe in community and we do believe, if you want to go far ahead, you shouldn’t go alone. We want to prosper in life and want to maintain standard residence altogether. That is why we are committed to our clients and do the things that should be done.

Full Variety of Services

More than thousands of transactions we’ve made from our establishment. We provide services in vacant land, commercial, industrial, and the resident property also. You can also check our service’s highlights at a glance below.

  • Help sellers to get more than their expectations.
  • Giving ideal about the most possible price according to the current market condition.
  • Help buyers not to pay more money than the actual price.
  • Examining the building with a good inspector to avoid any unexpected issue.
  • Make good negotiation between lessor and lessee.
  • Help you saving time and money.

Final Words

We are sure you want to invest your money in the right purposes and at the same time, you also want to make your investment priceworthy. We are a real estate company in Bangladesh working for ensuring a better house and a wonderful living area for you. We are going ahead day by day. Hopefully, you also join us for a better home to ensure better living.