Top 18 Real Estate Companies in Dhaka Bangladesh

Top 18 Real Estate Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2022

September 25, 2020

It is the dream of every landowner in Bangladesh with the hype of owning a building to find a trustworthy developer to visualize their dreams. GLG Assets Ltd. Came to the real estate sphere in Bangladesh to change the narrative with their slogan ‘The art of living. Since 2016,

GLG Assets Ltd. has taken real estate development space by storm and still counting strong.

Guided by a strong vision to become a trusted real estate developer from within and to put Bangladesh on the world map on matters of real estate, their mission is to erect quality and iconic buildings in the whole of Bangladesh.

And to sand-bury housing-related issues with affordable housing solutions for the people of Bangladesh. With quality and commitment, we don’t plan to compromise quality for price or time.

That said, I have collated and curated the top 18 list of real estate developers in Bangladesh that might interest you for your future building projects.

GLG Assets Ltd. Being among the top ten in the countdown, you will never go wrong committing your resources with them and wait to be amazed.

Top 18 Real Estate Companies in Dhaka Bangladesh

Building Technology & Ideas (BTI)


Building Technology & Ideas (BTI) is one of the pioneer real estate companies in Bangladesh. Established in 1984, it has been in the real estate business for over 37 years.

With all these years and experience in the real estate space, we are absolute they are doing the right thing in their trade.

BTI is one of the founding members of REHAB and one of the real estate companies in Bangladesh to be ISO 9001-2015 certified for quality in service.

Over the years, BTI has expanded its operations to Chattogram and Dhaka, providing viable housing solutions to all segments of society.

GLG Assets Ltd.

Glg assets ltd logo

One of the fastest-growing real estate businesses in Bangladesh with a fast growth pace was established in 2016.

A pledged member of REHAB and enlisted in RAJUK a government agency responsible for coordinating city planners, architects, engineers, and urban administrators.

The staff working for this company are long-term building and constructions with some being in this sector for over 20 years.

The experience and commitment to rewarding landowners with their dream architectural developments have made them earn trust within and beyond borders.

With their ‘art of living’ slogan, GLG Assets Ltd is paced to create the most lucrative and cost-effective apartments for all cadres of people.

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Navana Real Estate Ltd.

Navana Real Estate Ltd.

Navan Real Estate works on high and medium-sized projects based on Dhaka and Chattogram. It has been in practice for a relatively long time now, and many of the projects include Navana Silverwood, Navan Oakvale, Navana Ornello, and more.

Assure Group

assure group

Assure Group started its journey of providing modern homes to city dwellers in 2007. Their main objective is to provide apartments to the city dwellers with modern and the latest facilities in the industry.

Their vision is to provide homes for peace with superior designs, reliability, and enhanced usability.

According to Assure Group, ‘buy home for peace’ means they make your dream home their responsibility for your peace of mind.

Assure Group boasts of providing its clients with homes with superior features that provide them with comfortable living, state-of-the-art security and safety features, and captivating subtle designs for the ultimate joy of living in an apartment.

Assure Group sets its building standards and they never compromise quality for the time taken to complete the project.

As a mark of quality, Assure Group has an ISO 9001:2015 certification for maintaining a high standard in the real estate industry.

Basundhara Group

assure group

It started back in 1987 as a real estate venture with the name ‘Basundhara’ which attracted the bright prospects of the real estate business in Bangladesh.

It rose to the ranks quickly, and it is today among the top ten real estate businesses in Bangladesh.

Advanced Development Technologies

The company has a history of building the most luxurious and sophisticated apartments in Bangladesh. From the use of quality building materials to using the latest building techniques, the company has made its trade different from the rest.

The company caters to building requirements across the broad spectrum of the economy. Today, ADT has stood its ground as one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh to beat.

Artisan Group

Artisan group

Artisan Group has been in the building and construction industry since 1998. The firm is composed of practical and theoretical experts in every aspect of property and real estate.

Its quality works a commitment to service have left its past clients satisfied seeing their dream structures transformed into realities.

Artisan Group today stands as one of the proud top ten real estate companies in Bangladesh specializing in residential apartments, commercial complexes, and bungalows.

Its commitment to delivering real estate properties second to none is a salient feature that has made this company stand out from the crowd.

ABC Real Estate Ltd

ABC Real-estate

It was established in 1988 as a part of Associated Builders Corporation which started way back in 1972. Today their portfolio is full and boasts of many multistoried structures such as fertilizer factories, bridges, power stations, and more.

Ever since its commencement, it has maintained the quality that has led millions of people to trust its workmanship, to date, ABC Real Estate Ltd has become the epitome of quality and reliance.

Bangladesh Development Group

Bangladesh Development Group

They are known for their super affordable rates, Bangladesh being a developing country where reasonable prices are embraced.

Its net worth is around 411 million dollars, meaning the company does make a profit but still renders real estate services at reasonable prices.

Amin Mohamad Group

Amin Mohammad Group

Closing the top ten list of the best real estate companies in Bangladesh is Amin Mohamad Group. It has had several projects in the past and the present. The company is working tirelessly to catch up with the growing population of Bangladesh.

Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark is known for its range of real estate services. It is better defined as a client-oriented and reliable real estate service provider where one can turn to for renovation, renting, development, and other real estate services.

Anwar Landmark is oriented towards the manufacture of building materials producing unmatched building and construction materials for other real estate service providers to outsource.

The company has significantly contributed to the overall growth of to real estate niche in Bangladesh.

Alliance Properties

Alliance Properties

Alliance properties have been around for decades providing concrete solutions to the real estate realm of the economy. It prides itself on having provided homes and high-rise buildings to the dense population of Bangladesh.

Its past projects fascinate people leading to repeat project awards or rehire. The company is exhibiting rapid growth and expansion with time as compared to looking back in the days.

Nakshi Home Ltd.

Nakshi Home Ltd.

It is one of the pioneer real estate developers providing superior quality commercial and residential developments in Dhaka City and beyond.

Nakshi Home Ltd (NHL) is known for its spectacular and innovative ideas. The team of professional architects is committed to delivering professional services in real estate.

Shelter Pvt Ltd.

Shelter Pvt Ltd.

It is among the pioneers in the real estate industry in Bangladesh. It prides itself doing residential apartments, shopping malls, and buildings.

Shelter Pvt Ltd is a founding member of REHAB, and it was awarded an ISO certification 90001- 2015 certificate. Shelter Pvt Ltd turns your dream into their pledge.

Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holdings Ltd

Shanta Holdings construct luxurious apartments for residents of Bangladesh. It started its journey of growth since 1988 as a garment producer. Some of their best products include Mirzam, Sky Garden, The Sanctum, and more.

Bay Development Ltd.

Bay Development Ltd

Bay Development Ltd has been in the industry for over 20 years in Bangladesh. The company deals with small-scale but high-end luxury apartments. So far, the company has completed over 20 residential spaces and six commercial spaces.

East-West Property Development Ltd. (EWPDL)

East West Property Development Ltd

It was established in 1983 to deal with the demands of the Dhaka city dwellers. The company has completed residential projects; it is well-known in Bashundhara diplomatic zone.

Their commitment to serving people has earned the company the trust of millions in the real estate business.

Rangs Properties Ltd

Rangs Properties Ltd

Its portfolio includes 23 residential projects and seven commercial projects. Rangs Properties Ltd is best known for high-end luxury apartments. The company was established in 1996 and served Dhaka city.

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