Best Real Estate Companies in Dhaka Bangladesh

Top 20 Real Estate Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2024

October 1, 2023

It is the dream of every landowner in Bangladesh with the hype of owning a building to find a trustworthy developer to visualize their dreams. GLG Assets Ltd. Came to the real estate sphere in Bangladesh to change the narrative with their slogan ‘The art of living. Since 2016,

GLG Assets Ltd. has taken real estate development space by storm and still counting strong.

Guided by a strong vision to become a trusted real estate developer from within and to put Bangladesh on the world map on matters of real estate, their mission is to erect quality and iconic buildings in the whole of Bangladesh.

And to sand-bury housing-related issues with affordable housing solutions for the people of Bangladesh. With quality and commitment, we don’t plan to compromise quality for price or time.

That said, I have collated and curated the top 20 list of real estate developers in Bangladesh that might interest you for your future building projects.

GLG Assets Ltd. Being among the top ten in the countdown, you will never go wrong committing your resources with them and wait to be amazed.

What is A Real Estate Company?

A real estate company is a business entity that specializes in the sale, purchase, or management of real estate properties. These businesses are typically organized into three main divisions: property management, brokerage, and development.

Real estate businesses often employ a system of agents that help buyers and sellers make transactions, finding suitable properties based on their needs. These agents also negotiate the price and signal their goal to complete the deal.

Working with a real estate business can be a smart choice if you want to purchase or sell a property. Real estate firms can make for a profitable strategy if you’re planning to buy or sell real estate.

Top 20 Best Real Estate Companies in Dhaka Bangladesh, 2023

Now, in case you want to educate yourself regarding getting a home for yourself, this is the moment for a little bit of research assistance that will give a boost to your homework. Here we’ll present you with a list of twenty real estate companies in Bangladesh that will meet your anticipations.

These companies have been chosen by their attainability within the local market, degree of prior experience, outstanding quality, increased customer service, and individualistic instalment and experience. So, let’s take a look.

01. Building Technology & Ideas (BTI)


Building Technology & Ideas (BTI) is one of the pioneer real estate companies in Bangladesh. Established in 1984, it has been in the real estate business for over 37 years.

With all these years and real estate experience, we are sure they are doing the right thing in their trade.

BTI is one of the founding members of REHAB and one of the real estate companies in Bangladesh to be ISO 9001-2015 certified for quality in service.

Over the years, BTI has expanded its operations to Chattogram and Dhaka, providing viable housing solutions to all segments of society.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By BTI:

  • The Boulevard
  • Sorrento
  • Breezy Homes
  • Dreamsville
  • Silver Wood

02. GLG Assets Ltd.


One of the fastest-growing real estate businesses in Bangladesh, with a fast growth pace, was established in 2016.

A pledged member of REHAB and enlisted in RAJUK, a government agency responsible for coordinating city planners, architects, engineers, and urban administrators.

The staff working for this company are long-term building and constructions, with some in this sector for over 20 years.

The experience and commitment to rewarding landowners with their dream architectural developments have earned them trust within and beyond borders.

With their “art of living” slogan, GLG Assets Ltd is paced to create the most lucrative and cost-effective apartments for all cadres of people.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Glg Assets Ltd:

04. Navana Real Estate Ltd.

Navana Real Estate Ltd.

The glorious history of Navana Real Estate Company (NREL) could be entertaining to narrate. Since 1996, it has been a story of ingenuity, intelligence, and an unbelievably innovative mindset. Its establishment by the male executive Shafiul Islam, NREL, has generally been a win for the company.

From construction to power generation, aphorisms to mercantilism, Navana Realty is one of the top firms when it comes to engaging in diversified business and innovation. Navana realty is known to endure strongly in the top firms in this country and has even been dubbed a Super Brand.

In the preceding 26 years, NREL has mostly implemented style modifications in the field of architecture. With expert scientific and engineering know-how and nonstop advancement, it is excelling while meeting the requirements of neighborhood architectural consumers.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Navan Real Estate Ltd:

  • Navan Sambilan
  • Navana Arch Legacy
  • Navana Wedgewood
  • Navana Pristine Pavilion
  • Navana Nasrin Casabella

05. Assure Group

assure group

Assure Group started its journey of providing modern homes to city dwellers in 2007. Their main objective is to provide apartments to city dwellers with modern and the latest facilities in the industry.

Their vision is to provide homes for peace with superior designs, reliability, and enhanced usability.

According to Assure Group, ‘buy home for peace’ means they make your dream home their responsibility for your peace of mind.

Assure Group boasts of providing its clients with homes with superior features that provide them with comfortable living, state-of-the-art security and safety features, and captivating subtle designs for the ultimate joy of living in an apartment.

Assure Group sets its building standards and never compromises quality for the time taken to complete the project.

Assure Group has an ISO 9001:2015 certification as a mark of quality for maintaining a high standard in the real estate industry.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Assure Group:

  • Zohora Assure Square – Gulshan
  • Assure Oasis – Uttara
  • Assure Point – Bashundhara
  • Assure Bougainvillea – Uttara
  • Islam Assure Center – Mohakhali
  • Assure Fair View- Moghbazar

06. Basundhara Group

Bashundhara group

It started back in 1987 as a real estate venture with the name ‘Basundhara’, which attracted the bright prospects of the real estate business in Bangladesh.

The brand rose to the ranks quickly, and it is today among the top ten real estate businesses in Bangladesh.

Besides, the company has a history of building the most luxurious and sophisticated apartments in Bangladesh. From the use of quality building materials to using the latest building techniques, the company has made its trade different from the rest.

The company caters to building requirements across the broad spectrum of the economy. Today, ADT has stood its ground as one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh to beat.

  • Location: Plot # 125/A, Block- A, Level-1, Bashundhara RA, Dhaka – 1229.
  • Opening and Closing: Saturday to Thursday (9 AM–6 PM) / Friday (Closed)
  • Phone: 8431071, 8431428, 8431061, 8432485
  • PABX: +88-02-8432008-17
  • Email:

Some of the Successful Projects Bashundhara Group:

  • Bashundhara Baridhara Land Project
  • Bashundhara Riverview
  • Riverview Green Town
  • Bashundhara Riverview Dokhina
  • Bashundhara Mouchak

07. Artisan Group

Artisan group

Artisan Group has been in the building and construction industry since 1998. The firm is composed of practical and theoretical experts in every aspect of property and real estate.

Its quality work a commitment to service have left its past clients satisfied, seeing their dream structures transformed into realities.

Artisan Group today stands as one of the proud top ten real estate companies in Bangladesh, specializing in residential apartments, commercial complexes, and bungalows.

Its commitment to delivering real estate properties second to none is a salient feature that has made this company stand out from the crowd.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Artisan Group:

  • Artisan Dream Tower

08. ABC Real Estate Ltd

ABC Real-estate

It was established in 1988 as a part of Associated Builders Corporation, which started way back in 1972. Today their portfolio is full and boasts many multistoried structures such as fertilizer factories, bridges, power stations, and more.

Ever since its commencement, it has maintained the quality that has led millions of people to trust its workmanship, to date, ABC Real Estate Ltd has become the epitome of quality and reliance.

ABC Real Estate Company is strongly committed to giving its customers comprehensive services and keeping them for a timeless and beneficial partnership. That’s why they are so vigilant when it comes to making sure on their end, they have the highest standards of expertise, quality, and ethics in all their business procedures.

Some of the Successful Projects By ABC Real Estates Ltd:

  • ABC Crescent Villa
  • ABC Crosswinds Condominium
  • ABC Mehjabeen square
  • Khan ABC Tradeplex
  • ABC Treeford House

09. Bangladesh Development Group

Bangladesh Development Group

They are known for their super affordable rates, Bangladesh being a developing country where reasonable prices are embraced. Its net worth is around 411 million dollars, meaning the company does make a profit but still renders real estate services at reasonable prices.

The real estate company under Bangladesh Development Group (BDG) has been flourishing on a consistent basis tradition of creating organizational strategies that would benefit individuals. Their services are extremely popular because of their ability to satisfy a variety of particular needs and budgets.

It has been more than twenty years of relentless work and diligence, and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Development Real Estate company has been made into a three-part business venture with business organs featuring outfit, development, and agriculture.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Bangladesh Development Group:

  • Land Division
  • BDC Towns
  • Industrial Estate
  • Commercial Complex
  • Shopping Complex

10. Amin Mohammad Group

Amin Mohammad Group

Amin Mohammad Group is one of the largest real estate firms in Bangladesh. This organization was established by Amin Mohammad in 1993. At this period of time, they had a rough architectural business, but in the years since, their architectural leadership in various productions has helped them achieve great success.

The company has about five thousand real estate properties and home plots successfully delivered to down-towners and Suburbans all over their priceless clients’ places, and the numbers only escalate.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Amin Mohammad Group:

  • Aurnob Green
  • Green Banani
  • Green Beverly Park
  • Green Baridhara
  • Green Arcadia

11. Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark is known for its range of real estate services. It is better defined as a client-oriented and reliable real estate service provider that one can turn to for renovation, renting, development, and other real estate services.

Anwar Landmark is oriented towards manufacturing building materials that produce unmatched building and construction materials for other real estate service providers to outsource.

The company has significantly contributed to the overall growth of the real estate niche in Bangladesh.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Anwar Landmark:

  • Anwar Landmark Divine
  • Anwar Landmark Sofia Sky Garden
  • Anwar Landmark Plumeria
  • Anwar Landmark Aster
  • Anwar Landmark Borenno

12. Alliance Properties

Alliance Properties

Alliance properties have been around for decades providing concrete solutions to the real estate realm of the economy. It prides itself on having provided homes and high-rise buildings to the dense population of Bangladesh. Its past projects fascinate people leading to repeat project awards or rehires.

With its experienced team and focus on providing quality properties, Alliance Properties Ltd is one of the most promising companies in Bangladesh. The company has made a name for itself by offering quality properties at reasonable prices and has been expanding rapidly in recent years.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Alliance Properties:

  • Alliance Proshanti, Mirpur DHS
  • Alliance K. Panaroma, Dhanmondi
  • The Alliance Building, Pragati Sarani
  • Alliance Bunker-2, Mirpur DOHS
  • Alliance Shopnoneer, Uttara

13. Nakshi Home Ltd.

Nakshi Home Ltd.

It is one of the pioneer real estate developers providing superior quality commercial and residential developments in Dhaka City and beyond.

This company is known for its spectacular and innovative ideas. The team of professional architects is committed to delivering professional services in real estate.

Nakshi Residential Home is glad the homeowners that have looked for their real-estate necessities with us are satisfied because they have excellent feelings towards our firm’s philosophy and progressive add-on line of work.

On top of that, their clients are glad about the eco-friendly living facilities and an assortment of construction locations. They also want to be in the best place for our clientele, which is the basis for the success of Nakshi Home Ltd.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Nakshi Home:

  • Nakshi Heaven
  • Nakshi Islam Garden
  • Nakshi Sufia Dream
  • Zafar Garden
  • Jahanara Garden

14. Shelter Pvt Ltd.

Shelter Pvt Ltd.

It is among the pioneers in the real estate industry in Bangladesh. It prides itself doing residential apartments, shopping malls, and buildings.

Shelter Pvt Ltd is a founding member of REHAB, and it was awarded an ISO certification 90001- 2015 certificate. Shelter Pvt Ltd turns your dream into their pledge.

They have grown to become a prominent name in the real estate sector, designing luxury apartment complexes in prime locations throughout the world. Shelter Incorporated developed a long-lasting reputation for itself.

They conduct architectural and construction tasks at appropriate locations in Dhaka that accentuate people’s tastes and current trends in contemporary lifestyle. All these make the Shelter Housing Ltd. company easily renowned and respected.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Shelter Pvt Ltd:

  • Darasat Farida Mansion
  • Ashraf Tower
  • Sultana Garden
  • Jamal Tower
  • Plush Cottage

15. Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holdings Ltd

Shanta Holdings constructs luxurious apartments for residents of Bangladesh. It started its journey of growth in 1988 as a garment producer. Some of their best products include Mirzam, Sky Garden, The Sanctum, and more.

Given the assumption that real estate is not merely the creation of construction structures, but relevant Art, SHL is searching for extraordinary residential properties in addition to the ordinary ranges available. When SHL first began, it was recognized as the only dependable source offering the most innovative housing alternatives.

Their portfolios comprise the most avant-garde and inherently discriminating advancements in the nation. Alongside, a great deal of popularity in the real estate market and close-knit relationships with the most desirable partners give them the most competitive positions in the nation’s capital town.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Shanta Holdings:

  • Northern Lights
  • Skymark
  • The Landing 104
  • Jalalabad House
  • Chisty’s Yacht

16. Bay Development Ltd.

Bay Development Ltd

Bay Development Ltd has been in the industry for over 20 years in Bangladesh. The company deals with small-scale but high-end luxury apartments. So far, the company has completed over 20 residential spaces and six commercial spaces.

Beyond its technology bereavement and innovative techniques, Bay is proud of placing itself at the forefront as one of the first real estate firms to offer the new Early Design Involvement (EDI) process.

Their customers will take part in Early Design Involvement (EDI) in order to shape their desired property to their tastes.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Bay Developments:

  • Park Heights
  • Kinara
  • Palmgrove
  • Bistro E
  • The Country Yard at Park Heights

17. East-West Property Development Ltd. (EWPDL)

East-West Property Development Ltd

It was established in 1983 to deal with the demands of Dhaka city dwellers. The company has completed residential projects; it is well-known in Bashundhara diplomatic zone. Their commitment to serving people has earned the company the trust of millions in the real estate business.

The group’s strategies for developing integrated townships incorporate residential facilities with all infrastructure needs to be based in proximity to the capital, along with a breakout of related projects throughout the realm of the capital city, under the Bashundhara Housing.

Since its establishment, East West Property Development PLC (EVPD) has faithfully served its customers and earned their confidence through its consistent, ethical behavior.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By East West Property Development:

  • Bashundhara Baridhara Land Project
  • Bashundhara Riverview
  • Riverview Green Town
  • Bashundhara Riverview Dokhina
  • Bashundhara Mouchak

18. Rangs Properties Ltd

Rangs Properties Ltd

Rangs Properties Ltd is a unique platform that helps buyers and sellers connect to find properties in the safe and welcoming communities of Bangladesh. With Rangs Properties Ltd, you can confidentially connect with potential home lenders, property agents, brokers, and more to make your purchase or a sale dream come true.

Its portfolio includes 23 residential projects and seven commercial projects. Rangs Properties Ltd is best known for high-end luxury apartments. The company was established in 1996 and served Dhaka city.

This company aspires to be remembered as a cozy, collaborative, and appealing brand responsive to the needs of its valued stakeholders from all walks of life. Property Dinos strives to be associated intimately with a comfortable, trendy, and well-regarded operation that makes it simple for anybody to delight in its goods or services.

Some of the Successful Projects Done By Rangs Properties:

  • Noorani Heights
  • Banani J Block
  • Atrium
  • Z Square
  • Ixora

Is Real Estate Profitable In Bangladesh?

When considering investing, profitability is the most significant matter that we require to deal with. Throughout the last 10 years, there has been a rapid expansion in Development Works in Bangladesh. Roads, Highways, Expressways, Mass Rapid Transit Railways, and more are being constructed all over the country.

At the same time, enormous areas are being developed rapidly.  In this light, vacant land can generate massive amounts of cash flow because it offers a great deal of freedom and is practically as small as you want it.

Individual income and profits might even see a sharp increase depending on where the land is situated and what it is used for, even after mortgage payments and other costs are taken into account. So, real estate seems to be a profitable business this time.

How Can I Buy Land In Bangladesh?

Investing in a new land or property in Bangladesh carries substantial risk, so you can’t just throw your precious money without any homework. So, we’ve decorated this portion to guide you on purchasing land in Bangladesh.

Well, there are a few ways to buy land in Bangladesh. One way is to go through an agent. Another way is to go through a real estate company. Finally, one can also go online and search for land deals in Bangladesh. 

Even if it seems that you might never visit the property or work away from competent persons or authorized entities, you should always make and retain personal plans to see the property or assign a trusted person to fulfill the deal on your behalf. Keep in mind the following tips beforehand:

  • To verify the authenticity of the record(s) of the property in question, all relevant information regarding the property should be collected, including the Khatiyan number, plot number, current owner, and domicile. Without these particulars, verifying the records might not be possible.
  • It’s also important to research the credibility of the ownership paperwork. You can search in the relevant Sub Registry Office to check the validity of the deed.
  • You should also check the previous records (at least for the last 10 years) to justify whether the property is properly mortgaged.
  • Don’t forget to visit the property on your own at least once before the final deal.

How Many Real Estate Companies are in Bangladesh?

By the late ’70s, there were only 5 companies were established in Bangladesh’s real estate sector, and they were all situated in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

Since the formation of the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) on January 12, 1991, to the latest trends in the Real Estate Business, there have been 1010 members registered who are involved in the Real Estate Business.

Is Bangladesh A Good Place To Invest?

Bangladesh is an excellent choice for foreign businesses thanks to its established domestic market, strategic location, high profitability, population dividend, and enticing incentive packages.

As well as for strengthening the nation’s business environment and setting interest rates that make the country an effective investment destination.

The country has an outstanding economic record, an extremely flexible and sophisticated workforce, and numerous commercially viable sectors with optimal pricing and low environmental impact.

What Do Real Estate Developers Do?

Real estate developers buy land, real estate, and flea market properties in order to market them as renovated or redeveloped. Real estate developers handle the venture from beginning to end, from the preliminary planning through financing and team construction.

On top of that, real estate developers often work on construction and property development projects, such as residential and commercial properties. Real estate developers may also own land that they are developing, or they may hold long-term leases on sites that have been developed by others.

Is Investing in Real Estate A Good Idea In 2023?

Real estate has become an excellent long-term investment due to the fact that its prices tend to rise over the long term. These price increases are higher than inflation, so there’s inevitably some profit to be made.

Investing in real estate is a very good way to diversify your assets, so if one asset declines in value, you can just sell other assets and keep the money instead of losing everything.

Also Read: Old Vs New Property: Which One Is Right For You To Invest In

The surprising fact is that property prices have continued to increase even further, considering the pandemic. Experts have made forecasts about the value of land, which has risen 22 percent compared to 2021.

Billions of taka are being spent in Bangladesh to develop large areas into modernized private estates like Bashundhara, Purbachal, Rupayan City Uttara,  and many more. Now, it’s time to contribute to development works as it will eventually skyrocket GDP. 

The prices of real estate are likely to see a massive increase as a result. It is wise to invest in real estate now as it is bound to provide substantial returns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big are real estates in Bangladesh?

Real estate contributed around 8% of the GDP of Bangladesh over the last 2 decades. Investment in the real estate sector of Bangladesh accounts for around 30% in 2016-17. The Bangladesh real estate development sector has developed to the point that it is once again a prominent part of the economy.

Is Bangladesh good for the real estate business?

If you have carefully gone through the above discussion, you might get an idea about real estate potential in a populous country like Bangladesh. Unparalleled contribution to GDP, excellent profitability, and available land resources have made Bangladesh a perfect destination for the real estate business.

What is meant by real estate development?

Real estate development, also known as property development, is a shout-after business field that works on buying properties and selling them after developing them into a well-planned form.

What are some of the best real estate companies in Bangladesh?

Some of the best real estate companies in Bangladesh include: BTI, GLG Assets Ltd, Concord Real Estate, Navana Real Estate, Rangs Properties, Bashundhara Group, and Eastern Housing.

What services do the top real estate companies in Bangladesh offer?

The top real estate companies in Bangladesh offer a wide range of services, including property development, real estate marketing, property management, and real estate consulting.

How can I find the best real estate company for my needs in Bangladesh?

To find the best real estate company for your needs in Bangladesh, you should research and compare different companies based on their reputation, portfolio, services, and customer feedback.

How do I know if a real estate company in Bangladesh is trustworthy and reliable?

You can evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of a real estate company in Bangladesh by checking their licenses and certifications, verifying their track record and reputation, and reading customer feedback and reviews.

How can I get more information about the real estate market in Bangladesh?

You can get more information about the real estate market in Bangladesh by researching online, reading industry reports and news, consulting with real estate experts, and attending real estate events and seminars.

Bottom Line

The most basic and humanly essential need is to live near or inside a house or apartment. This need has existed for thousands of years and will continue. People have a strong desire to live a rich life, and your personal information assists you in doing so.

Real Estate Companies stimulate their customers to realize this desire. If you’re also searching for your next property or house, our list of the top 18 real estate companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh, might help you out.

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