Affordable Flat Sale in Dhaka

Affordable Flat Sale in Dhaka

October 29, 2020

There was a time when Bangladesh had only a handful of real estate companies to offer flat sale in Dhaka. Today, because of the overgrowing population and a massive number of investors, the demand for apartments and commercial spaces is rising. This gradual change has caused many new companies to enter the real estate sector.

We at GLG Assets Ltd are one of those new companies aiming to serve our country’s residents. Founded in 2016, GLG Assets ltd is an active member of REHAB and an enlisted company of RAJUK. Although we are new in this sector, we have a dedicated team having 20 years of experience.

Since the very beginning of our journey, we have gained trust from numerous clients which motivates us to move forward. Since client satisfaction is our priority, we ensure our team develops buildings with premium quality materials and aesthetically pleasing designs. Let us build your dream home!

A Glimpse of Our Projects

Since most people choose Dhaka city for a better living, real estate companies increasingly construct buildings focusing on the city. While this increases accommodation, it also enhances people’s convenience of going to offices, schools, and other institutions.

GLG Assets Ltd. offers many ready flats for sale in Dhaka city. You’ll find our projects scattered in urban areas, namely Bashundhara, Mirpur, Uttara, and Mohammadpur.

All of these apartments are located in environments where openness and comfort are conspicuous. The buildings themselves are also equipped with modern fittings and fixtures for the utmost convenience of their residents.

From lush green rooftops to children’s playgrounds, you’ll find everything you need in your desired abode. Overall, the buildings possess appealing facilities and a cheaper price tag compared to most real estate companies. You can rest assured that we will help you acquire your dream home at a cheap flat price in Dhaka city.

GLG Assets Ltd in Uttara

Uttara is one of the most comfortable areas to reside because of its lush green environment and fresh air. Compared to most urbanized areas, there is less traffic and wide roads so people can easily reach their destination. Not only that but also the site provides convenience to people of all ages.

You can enroll your child in renowned schools or colleges, such as Scholastica, Mastermind, or Rajuk Uttara Model College. If you need any medical emergency, you can head over to Uttara Crescent Hospital or Popular Diagnostics Center Ltd. For groceries and other daily needs, you’ll find superstores like Agora and Trust Family Needs.

Even if you have someone coming from abroad, you won’t need to worry about traffic as the airport is near. There are also several places you can visit with your family at the weekends.

Considering the aspects, if you’re looking for a flat sale in Uttara, then GLG Assets Ltd. has the best options. We have a few completed projects as well as ongoing ones located in the heart of Uttara.

Some of our handed-over projects are –

Ongoing projects –

GLG Assets Ltd. in Bashundhara

Just like Uttara, Bashundhara also allows you to experience nature and breathe fresh air. If you’re looking for upscale living, then you’ll meet the exclusive amenities in this affluent Bashundhara Residential Area.

There are reputed universities, like North South University, Independent University, and schools, such as Playpen are all located at Bashundhara. You’ll also find several prominent offices, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, recreational centers, and so on.

As Bashundhara is in the vicinity of other posh areas, like Gulshan and Banani, you can easily visit those places. Nowadays, people tend to look for flat sales in Bashundhara due to less traffic and increased living standards.

Real estate companies respond to this preference by rapidly developing apartments with modern fittings in the luxurious area.

GLG Assets Ltd. offers the best apartments with state-of-the-art facilities in Bashundhara Residential Area.

Our ongoing projects –

GLG Assets Ltd. in Mirpur

Being one of Dhaka city’s most prominent areas, Mirpur is a desirable location for many people. If you’re looking for the convenience of transport, then undoubtedly you can reside here.

Due to the presence of numerous bus stoppages, you can easily commute anywhere without worrying about availability. You may think of Mirpur as a crowded area, but there is also a hint of nature.

If you take a short drive to the National Botanical Garden, you will find serenity and admire the beauty of nature. Other than that, you can explore many recreational centers, such as Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium and the Dhaka Zoo. If you’re into shopping, then there are several clothing stores and shopping malls scattered throughout the area.

As for educational institutions, Mirpur holds some of the prestigious schools and universities, like Scholastica and Bangladesh University of Professionals.

Because of the introduction of these institutions and corporate offices, many people are willing to dwell in this neighborhood.

So, if you’re planning to contact a real estate company for a flat sale in Mirpur, then why not choose us? Our low budget flats in Mirpur are meticulously built with modern amenities suited to your lifestyle.

Our handed-over projects –

Ongoing projects –

GLG Assets Ltd. in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur is the ideal place for you if you’re looking for low living costs and freedom of transportation. You’ll find that house rent and groceries are relatively lower than in other areas.

Transportation is always accessible whenever you need to go somewhere, as Mohammadpur is connected to other places.

Not only that, but also the location boasts of a range of shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters to spend your idle time. There are several schools and hospitals too, which will make you feel you have all the facilities in a single area.

GLG Assets Ltd. understands how you can live comfortably, so if you’re looking for a ready flat sale in Mohammadpur, there are options.

Our ongoing projects –

It is important to note that our projects are not limited to these certain areas. Some of our upcoming projects include areas like Shyamoli, Kakrail, and Indira Road.

We are always looking out for new projects in different locations so that we can expand accommodation in the city. GLG Assets Ltd. is your trusted company when you need to look for a flat sale in Dhaka.

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