10 Quick Tips Regarding How To Choose The Best Flat For Living

10 Quick Tips Regarding How To Choose The Best Flat For Living

January 11, 2021

Can you feel comfortable all the way if your living place doesn’t suit you? I don’t know about the other people but I’m confirmed that conscious people like you always want to live in a place where he/she feel the most comfort.

The living room, apartment, or house has a great impact on your mind, and entire lifestyle. You also have to think the surrounding environment also influences not only you but also your whole family. Hopefully, you can realize, choosing the best flat for living in is not an easy decision to take. Don’t worry. I’m offering my helping hand to you as you can make your decision very much right.

Choosing the best flat doesn’t mean how to look at the flat, its size, where it is situated only, it also means a lot. And all will be discussed as you can know how to choose the best flat for living and what important factors to consider.

10 Important Factors To Consider To Choose The Best Flat For Living

A flat is a property for you and it is the place where you live. I know you want to have everything best when you choose the flat for living in. You have the knowledge and I believe you are a conscious person. Nevertheless, you might not have all considering things in mind. That is why here are some significant points to consider which help you to know how to choose the best flat for living in.

1. Location

Which location do you want to live in is the first thing you should think about. If you have already chosen an area where you want to live, it means you are one step ahead. Think you have chosen Dhaka and somebody asks you ‘’why need a flat in Dhaka?’’ Then you can answer him, of course. But you have to ensure the location has one more way to reach there easily. That means you should have easy access as you can reach there without any hassle. At the same time, some other facilities should have around the area such as school, work opportunity, shopping mall, etc.

Besides, you also have to know the reputation of that area and the living style of the people there. If you need some other options such as part, bank, pool, and other, you should also look for that.

2. Understand Your Demands

You’ve got some ideas about this fact in the previous part. Here you will know in detail. Think you’ve got a couple of children and they are school going. So, you should ensure there is at least one school that’s score is up to the mark. On the other hand, you definitely don’t want to live in an area where crime occurs regularly. I write this part with an extra heading to let you realize you should ensure such a flat which is surrounded by everything good quality.

3. Size of The Flat

It is just common sense and definitely, you have it. The size of the flat should match your requirement. The overall size is an important matter definitely. Then if the size matches your demands, then go for knowing the number of bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and others. Just think if you see the flat has two balconies but you want three, it is considerable. But if you are offered two bedrooms flat where three bedrooms are mandatory for you then you can’t consider it. You have to think this way. Think about the other related things in the same way.

4. Choose The Ideal Layout

Have you got the right size flat for you? If so, it’s good but not done yet. All are ok that everything is contained in the flat but did you notice about the layout?

You may want to have a reading nook, a large space for dining, or a free space for other purposes that is why the layout is important. If the flat doesn’t have the layout that you need actually, you shouldn’t think about the flat. Don’t be blind to see the outer beauty it is also important how functional it is!

5. Security

Can you compromise with this issue? Nobody compromises with this. However, the security policy of the building is one of the most significant factors to consider. The security also partly depends on the locking system of the door and the entrance gate. So, don’t forget to observe these.

You also need to keep in mind the upper floor is relatively safer than the ground and basement floor. The criminal can enter your flat by breaking the door lock or other thing if you stay in the ground or sub-level apartment. And they don’t have to climb. But if you are on the upper floor, you are comparatively safe. If the overall security system of the house is extremely good, it’s not a matter to think about.

6. Know About Amenities

It includes many things and you have to know about all of them. Does the building have a gym, parking, and storage areas? Do they get cost if you have pets? And you also have to know the other costs such as water trash and maintenance of course. How do they cost for utility and internet access? Know the facility of an apartment and its cost. It is important to have an idea about all costs and more important if you are able to bear the cost of all the mentioned services.

7. Age of The Apartment

The age of the building can change your decision in the end. That is why the building age is important to know. If you like to buy or rent a newly constructed building keep left all old houses. Though they require comparatively less money they will need more in the future to upgrade or repair. At the same time, you also need to calculate the estimated age of the building where you are going live. The apartment should give you service more than you expect. If you don’t have any knowledge of this fact you might not understand this. In this case, the best is to consult with a professional engineer.

8. Meet Your Neighbors

If you are new in that region, you might not get the better information that your neighbors provide you. Usually, if a building is situated just near the place where the party is always arranged, noisy, and near any institute where the gathering is the regular scenario then they offer a cheap price to buy a flat. And these kinds of information can be got from the neighbors. Not done yet, the neighbors can give you an overall idea about the building or apartment which helps you to take the final decision.

9. Is The Land Government Permitted?

Many people think about all the points those are listed above but forget to check this important one. The land on which the apartments have been constructed should have government permission. The government gives permission after checking all land-related papers and the ability of the land if that is build-able or not! If the building is constructed without taking government permission, it might be destructed in the future. Remember, your investment in an apartment is lifelong.

10. The Price

You’ve reached the final points and this is also significant. A good thing always requires a standard price but it should be not highly expensive always. Don’t go for negotiating the price of the apartment if you don’t have any idea of the nearer apartments those are sold in which amount. You should also have an idea about the current market price of construction materials otherwise you might be cheated. So, be careful about the price.

Do You Rent or Purchase The Flat?

You might be surprised to see this heading but it’s important for you. Yes!

If you want to rent a flat for a short period of time then you can consider many things. I’m not advising you to consider any important factors but if you are in a crucial time then you can because you won’t live there for the whole of your life. That means, for rental purposes for a specific period you can consider less important factors if you can’t match your requirement. Don’t think I advise you to consider. I just told you can consider if you have no other ways.

But, if you intend to buy the flat then you have to be more conscious. You have to pay more attention to all-important facts especially the security issue, surrounding environment, strength of the building, and so on. I hope, I can make you understand.

Summary Line

Almost all necessary information is given in this guide that keeps you many steps ahead of the others while buying a flat for living. One important thing, if you have acrophobia or disability you shouldn’t buy an apartment on a high floor. All modern buildings have an elevator of course but you might need to use the stairs sometimes for some unusual cases. So, keep it in mind.

Besides, if you have cardiovascular diseases, you won’t go up the stairs comfortably. That is why avoid high floors especially if the building doesn’t have an elevator. Hopefully, you’ve got a lot of information. If you have any query regarding how to choose the best flat for living, you can comment or contact us.


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