Ready Apartments for sale in Dhaka

November 29, 2021

Apartments For Sale In Mohammodpur

Are you looking for budget-friendly and spacious apartments for sale in Mohammodpur? Finding a flat with square footage and luxurious landscaping might be an uphill task.

But, you can take yourself as lucky since a spacious and standard apartment will be opened soon in the Mohammodpur area very soon.

1.    GLG California Dreams

GLG Assets Ltd has a good reputation for easily getting potential customers to find a ready flat in Dhaka. An ongoing project named GLG California Dreams will complete soon. You’ll be satisfied to live in such apartments as each flat has essential facilities and utilities. They’re perfect for fulfilling any family or person’s living requirements.

This big-sized apartment has 12 flats, and each floor has two flats. Six floors and one ground floor are available in this apartment. You can park your car on the ground floor. The ground floor has a facility to park 12 private vehicles in total. As a result, each flat owner can park one car.

Total coverage of the entire land area where the apartment is being constructed is 5.0 Katha. In addition, there’re two types of flats for this apartment: TYPE A and TYPE B. TYPE A has total coverage of 1378 sft, while TYPE A has a full coverage of 1378 sft.

When looking for low price flat in Dhaka with more than 1,000 square feet, many people think they won’t get extra facilities. Thankfully, this apartment will offer additional facilities.

For example, it has building reception facilities to ensure proper security. No unknown person is allowed to enter — they need to provide information for the particular family or person to visit. Only then staff will enable them to visit.

Aside from that, the apartment has a spacious children’s play area, where they can spend their time playing various sports and engage in physical activities.

Also, the residents of the apartment will have accessibility in a community space. They can gather together and interact with each other, making their bond stronger. This allows them regular meet for social inclusion, mixing, and interaction.

Furthermore, while looking for a ready flat for sale in Dhaka, you might want a spacious rooftop area where you can dry clothes. Yes, this apartment features this facility.  Also, it’s an excellent place to talk with your family members, friends, and neighbors to enjoy your leisure time.

The ground floor has a separate room for caretakers and guards. As a result, They’ll be available in the compartment 24/7. This ensures safety and security.

Whenever any problem pops up, they’ll be ready to provide service instantly. You don’t need to call them to come from their home and wait for hours.

Love to plant trees? Not each developer company in Bangladesh considers keeping plantation facilities in their apartments. This apartment has plantation facilities too. Planting trees in your balcony area and even in the rooftop area will be easy-going. This ensures a perfect natural environment indoors.

Other than these, the apartment includes an electro-mechanical room where all the mechanical equipment and related electrical equipment can be kept. Nothing will be left outside of the room to ensure the highest safety for the residents of the compartment.

Moreover, all the essential machines can be kept in a separate machine room to ensure no disruption in the open space. They’ll be adequately maintained by skillful and qualified staff to ensure a smooth operation. 

As a promising builders company in Bangladesh, we can say this apartment is a great deal for people who are looking for the best apartment in the Mohammodpur area. The spacious flat and extra facilities will never make you down. Every penny you spend to own this flat will be valued. 

Apartments For Sale In Uttara

Are you searching for well-fitted apartments in the Uttara area? GLG Assets Ltd can help you in finding apartments sale in Uttara. A lot of things need to consider when choosing the best option based on your budget.

GLG Assets Ltd is going to open four apartments in the Uttara area soon while one of them is already fully booked. Here we’re sharing details of the three remaining apartments.

1.    GLG Jacaranda

This project name is GLG Jacaranda, and whole apartment measures 2470 square feet and while the land area measures 4.9 Katha.

This residential-type building features one ground floor to park vehicles and eight floors to living. Each apartment has one big-sized flat. Having such a roomy flat appears incredibly convenient when you have a large or joint family.

Moreover, the apartment comes with elevator facilities. It makes a trouble-free environment. Moving in and out will be easy-going. Disabled and older adults can move up and down comfortably. They won’t have to take the hassle of moving up and down through stairs.

Just because you’re looking for low price flat in Dhaka doesn’t mean extra facilities won’t be available. The apartment features several additional facilities to make it more advantageous for living.

Apart from that, the apartment features a separate guard and caretaker room, a special room to keep the machines, and an electro-mechanical room.

Fascinated with rooftops? Why not? Those miles views and height gains give a feel of extra ambiance while looking out over a city skyline.

The vast and spacious rooftop will help you enjoy the view of sunset and sunrise. Making unforgettable memories with your best friends may start from there.

While searching for a flat for sale in Dhaka, some of us often skip many good price apartments just because it doesn’t have plantation facilities. Thankfully, this apartment features this convenience. Thus, you’ll enjoy a natural environment.

2.    GLG AR Rayyaan

This apartment has a similar type of construction like the GLG Jacaranda project,. However, it’s less spacious as the total size of each flat measures 1887 square feet. Its total area measures four Katha. But still, the flat appears perfect for any small and middle-sized family.

Each flat features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 verandas, one living room, a dining room, and one spacious kitchen. All these rooms make a perfect environment for living as nothing looks missing there.

Like the GLG Jacaranda project, this apartment has all the extra facilities that a family needs to live peacefully in an apartment building. Owning a flat in this apartment will make you feel surely happy.

GLG Assets Ltd, a famous developer company in Bangladesh, ensures the apartment has the facility of community space to create a strong apartment community, a reception desk to provide increased security, and a children’s play area to provide better upbringing kids.

3.    GLG Sky Inn

How many times have you visited the Diabari location? It’s a popular place where many people visit around from Dhaka city and other areas. If you prefer to have a flat in this area, the GLG Assets Ltd builders company in Bangladesh is especially constructing this flat.

The apartment is divided into three types: A type- 1297 sft, B type- 1258 sft, and C type: 1377sf. The land area measures 8.79 Katha, and the whole apartment features a ground floor and eight living floors. However, there’re 12 flats available in the entire apartment.

Like the other two apartments, this apartment has all the extra facilities you want to live conveniently in an apartment. These flats are mainly ideal for small-sized families if you’re looking a ready flat in Dhaka.

Apartments For Sale In Mirpur

Do you prefer to have a good flat in the Mirpur area? Many companies advertise apartments for sale in Mirpur, but not all are good enough to meet your living standard.

Finding a quality flat in the Mirpur zone is a troublesome task as the area is huge. Thankfully, GLG Assets LTD has five ongoing apartment projects. Here are the complete details about them.


This apartment is located in the Mirpur 2 area, which has a ground floor and eight living floors. Each living floor features two flats: Type A = 1458 SFT. Type B = 1497 SFT. Hence, a total of 16 flats are available.

The overall size of the apartment area appears huge since the land area measures 6.38 Katha. Like many standard-type residential buildings, it comes with all standards and extra facilities that you want to live comfortably. Therfore, you have a low price flat in Dhaka with better conveniences.

The entire apartment features facilities for common spaces, guard post, reception, sub-station, generator room, guard and caretaker accommodation at ground floor, plantation, community space, machine room, and cloth drying area at rooftop. All these things make it a worthwhile investment for any Dhaka resident.

2.    GLG DI-NI-SI

The GLG Assets also offers huge flat for sale in Dhaka. This apartment comes with a basement, a ground floor, and ten living floors. 

Total land measures 7.50 Katha, and 20 flats are available in this apartment in total. Each floor comes with two type flats: Type A = 1797 SFT, and Type B = 1687 SFT.

As the apartment measures vast, it has two elevators to provide more conveniences for the residents. Like the GLG PRATTASHA, the GLG DI-NI-SI also comes with all the necessary facilities that you need to live conveniently.

When looking for a decent ready flat in Dhaka, you also want elevator facilities, right? To make your movements more effortless, the GLG Assetshas ensured this facility.

3.    GLG Bhuiyan Del Vista

Looking for an oversized flat to live in with a large family? GLG developer company in Bangladesh has a special ongoing project named GLG Bhuiyan Del Vista. Total flat size measures 2168 sft, and 14 flats are available in the entire apartment building.

Building features one ground floor and nine living floors. It comes with a spacious elevator for easy movement. Like other projects, you’ll also get extra facilities from this building apartment.

Letting the flat owners live peacefully and comfortably is the ultimate goal of GLG builders company in Bangladesh. All the rooms of the flat are spacious and well-designed to make everything perfect to live in. 

4.    GLG Rokeya De Wedelia

If you’re looking for a flat for your small family, this apartment might be your ultimate choice. The entire apartment building measures 4.69 Katha and features 16 flats in total.

It has one ground floor eight living floors; each living floor comes with two 1157 sft flats. You’ll get car parking facilities, elevators facilities, and other extra facilities like many other projects.

Though the flat isn’t much roomy, it’s well-organized and has 3 bedrooms, 3 verandas, and other necessary rooms.

5.    GLG Hemchaya

This project looks almost similar to the GLG Rokeya De Wedelia. It’s just slightly bigger in square feet. This residential building comes with one ground floor and 9 living floors.

The appearance of this apartment building is similar to the GLG Rokeya De Wedelia. However, its room is a little bit spacious. It comes with one ground floor and 9 living floors.

Each living floor features two type flats: Type A = 1347 sft and Type B = 1258 sft. A total of 17 flats are available for this apartment building, and each flat features all the necessary rooms that you’ll need.

You don’t have to worry about all the extra facilities for this apartment building. Overall, all these apartments appear great to buy if you’re living in the Mirpur area. 

Apartment For Sale In Indira Road

If you want to have a perfect place to live in the Indira road area, you can put your trust in GLG Assets as we have an exceptional apartment for sale in Indira road.

The apartment building features additional amenities, impressive aesthetic appeal, advanced technology, a security system, and maintenance services. Here are the precise details on our only apartment on Indira road.

1.    GLG Sun Shine

While looking for a ready flat in Dhaka, finding a massive flat on the Indira road looks like a troublesome task. To minimize your hassle, we’ve constructed large-sized flats for this apartment.

This residential type building is located at the perfect place where shopping malls, supermarkets, and other things are nearby. Therefore,  you don’t have to go too far to purchase anything.

The whole apartment has an eye-catching appearance to make it stand out from other apartments on Indira road. You’ll surely feel good to own such type of apartment as the design and internal and external structure are top-notch.

GLG Assets has taken the help of professional architects to craft this apartment’s layout.  The land area for this apartment measures is 5.24 Katha, and the whole apartment features one ground floor and nine living floors.

Each flat measures 2197 sft, so you can live with your large families too. Buying such a massive low price flat in Dhaka looks unbelievable.

This residential building comes with car parking and elevator facilities. Keeping your vehicle inside the ground floor will be risk-free. Any elderly or disabled person won’t have to take the hassle of passing the staircase as a top-quality elevator is there.   

Each floor got only one flat, so it’s all yours! You’ll appreciate the overall design and structure of the flat. Each of them includes 4 bedrooms, 3 washrooms (2 attached and 1 Common), living room, family living room, dining room, kitchen with verandah, and servant bed with toilet.

While gazing at an advertisement on a flat for sale in Dhaka, you don’t forget to check the extra facilities it provides, right? The GLG  companyensures all the essential facilities to create a sound and healthy environment for living.

Security guards will provide enhanced protection for the apartment building. When any problem arises, they’ll quickly react to it. In order to prevent potential risks and hazards, everything will be taken care of.

Residents have the accessibility of 24/7 hours of electricity as a large electric power generator is there. You don’t have to worry about the excessive sound of the generator because GLG builders company in Bangladesh set up a particular room to install them. As a result, it won’t cause any risks in the future. 

Flat owners won’t experience a crowded space in the ground area as everything has a separate room.

For example, the machine room contains all the mechanical equipment and its associated electrical equipment— nothing is out of the room. In addition, guard and caretakers will have their own room so that they’re available to provide service for the apartment building.

Furthermore, a special sub-station room is there, which manages all the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems. This prevents electric hazards and accidents because nothing is outside of the room.

It features all the essential control panels and other equipment to control and safeguard electricity systems for each flat of the apartment building.

Other than these, GLG Assets, a renowned developer company in Bangladesh, ensures plantation, community space, rooftop facilities, making it worthwhile to invest. Overall, the apartment appears as one of the best apartment buildings on Indira road with such a budget-friendly price.

Apartment For Sale In Bashundhara

If you’re looking for a decent-sized flat in the Bashundhara area with all the necessary facilities, GLG Assets can help you. Currently, two apartment building constructions are going on.

Each apartment for sale in Bashundhara has an impressive design and structure as they have utilized each square foot. Here we’re mentioning precise details about them.

1.    GLG Mahananda

Searching for a medium-sized flat? This apartment might be your ticket. The whole land area measures 3.0 Katha, while each flat size is 1587 sft. For any small or mid-sized family looking for a low price flat in Dhaka, this will be a perfect option to consider.

The residential type building features one ground floor and six living floors. You’ll live independently since each floor has only one flat.

Worry about parking your car? Don’t panic; GLG Assets, a developer company in Bangladesh, ensures you get spacious parking facilities even for your massive private vehicle. Each flat owner can keep one car in the parking zone as a total of six car parking facilities are provided.

Though the flat is medium, you’re still getting 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 verandas, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. You will find only a few options on the market like this type while looking for a ready flat in Dhaka.

So, you must be wondering what extra facilities you’ll get, right? The apartment building features various rooms such as a machine room, guard and caretaker room for living, etc.

Apart from that, people will have a feeling of natural environments as The GLG builders company in Bangladesh ensures plantation facilities. You don’t have to worry about security as security guards will be available 24/7.

 Since special accommodation facilities are there, they can help you whenever any problem arises. Most importantly, all employees have professional skills and are physically fit to perform their job effectively and appropriately.

Love to enjoy time at roof-tops? The apartment building features a well-designed rooftop with several beautiful plants. It creates a favorable environment to spend time with your partner, friends, and families while enjoying sunsets or sunrises.

While staring at various advertisements for a flat for sale in Dhaka, don’t you consider the extra facilities? Surely, you do! The GLG companyensures you get a lot of necessary facilities to improve your standard of living.

2.    GLG Wood Rose

Here comes another apartment building, which has almost similar type construction like the GLG Mahananda.

This apartment building is located on the Bashundhara R/A in the block I area. Overall size of the land where the apartment stands is 3.0 Katha.

This apartment building has one ground floor and six living floors—each living floor features only one flat, which measures 1598 sft. Any small or medium-sized family can comfortably live here.

Like the GLG Mahananda, this apartment building has similar common facilities. However, it comes with a children’s play area.

If you’ve some kids at home, the open space area will be a perfect spot to play in the afternoon. This will help to improve their communication skills and make friends with other residents of the apartment.

You don’t have to concern about security issues as guards and caretakers are there. If you need any help or face any problems while living in the apartment, they’ll help you instantly.

Overall, both apartment buildings are located in a nice place where you will have accessibility for buying daily essential things and other important products.

Moreover, masjids, schools, and playgrounds are available nearby. As a result, you don’t have to go too far. When you consider all the valuable facilities, location, and structure, both apartment buildings are great to own.

Apartment For Sale In Mohakhali

Do you love to live in bigger communities where you can communicate with lots of people? If yes, we have an exceptional apartment for sale in Mohakhali.

Several professional architects and engineers helped us to design and construct this building. This specifically designed apartment features large size rooms for each flat. Here are more important details about this apartment building.

1.    GLG Amirun Aparajita

This residential type building covers an area of 14.72 Katha in total. It features one ground floor and nine living floors. Hence, you’ve many options to choose whether you want to stay lower, middle, or upper-level floor.

Such diversified flat systems offer more convenience to choose a particular one based on your living requirements and family size. Hence, people have the accessibility to choosing a high or low price flat in Dhaka.

The best part about this apartment is that it comes in 5 sizes of flats. The whole apartment is divided into two buildings. One part features three types of flats: Type A – 1897 sft Type B – 1157 sft, and Type C- 1380sft. On the contrary, the other part has two types of flats: Type D- 1258 sft and Type E- 1248 sft.

Total number of flats in this apartment building is around 45. So, the community appears really big. Not only this, it has vast parking facilities for 33 private cars storage capacity.

Which important thing do you prefer while checking advertisements for flat for sale in Dhaka? Isn’t it the extra facilities you get from them? Thankfully, the GLG company has ensured several necessary facilities to make this apartment worthy of investment.

For example, it features a mechanical room to keep all the electrical equipment and wires. This prevents accidental hazardous issues. Therefore, everything will be remained safe and clean.

Worry about security problems? No worries, the GLG s companyhas specially constructed a reception desk and control room to keep everything on the record.

Whenever any unknown person comes in or out, they’ll be questioned for their real identification and other essential details to learn whom they’ll visit.

Once the flat owner permits to enter, only then will security guards let them enter. This approach increases security and ensures a secure environment to live in. No unknown person will be able to enter and harm people and damage or steal any properties.

Nowadays, potential flat buyers prefer to have plantation facilities in a ready flat in Dhaka. After all, it gives natural feelings as our Dhaka city lacks the color of greens.

Luckily, flat owners will enjoy great green environments. Several types of plants will be planted in various apartment locations, such as building corners, rooftops, sides of the wall, etc.

Having an open space to play sports becomes very rare in Dhaka city. Everything is covered with buildings and buildings. Children have no space to play.

The GLG builders company in Bangladesh has considered this issue heavily, and that’s why they have prepared a play area to let them play and improve their physical and mental fitness. They’ll make new friends, improve their communication skills, and feel a sense of community.

Apart from that, you’ll have the accessibility to enjoy such a bulky rooftop. It’s large enough to make arrangements for family and friends gathering. Enjoying your time and making unforgettable memories is what you’ll love while on this spacious rooftop.

Overall, it’s one of the best apartments to live in the Mohakhali area. Several options make it a convenient option to consider.

You can be sure that your investment won’t go in vain. The GLG developer company in Bangladesh will never make you down for the valuable money you invest.

Apartment For Sale In Siddheswari

Apartments in the Siddheswari area are pretty expensive as the place is popular and located in an important area. While looking at advertisements on apartment for sale in Siddheswari, a person considers several things, especially price and flat size.

GLG Assets comes with a decent apartment in the Siddheswari area. Here are all the essential details about the apartment building.

1.    GLG Siddheswari Terrace

Any typical flat won’t fit an area like Siddheswari. It needs to be innovative, advanced, and well-designed to match people’s lifestyles. That’s why the GLG developer company in Bangladesh takes several months to design and construct this extraordinary building.

The total measurement of the land where the building stands is 4.02 Katha. It features one ground floor and eight living floors in total. Each living floor has only one flat, so the area looks vast. With a flat size of 1947 sft, any medium or large-sized family will find it convenient to live in.

This residential building comes with an eye-catchy design for both indoors and outdoors. The GLG builders company in Bangladesh uses high-quality materials and equipment to construct this apartment. Everything is properly planned and organized to ensure optimal safety for the apartment residents.

Since each flat measures 1947 sft, it’ll ensure stimulating environments for allrooms. All the spacious room gives a relaxed feeling while having more personal spaces.

Furthermore, since professional engineers have planned effectively to create a perfect room structure and well organized. This ensures what room should come after a particular room. As a result, nothing is disorganized.

No one wants to compromise extra facilities while looking for a flat for sale in Dhaka. Like our other projects in Dhaka cities, we have ensured the most convenient facilities.

When you consider the price and facilities compared to competitors, we stay forward than others. After all, we care for providing exceptional service at the best price.

We know our clients are worried about security issues in a place like the Siddheswari area. They want maximum security to keep themselves safe and risk-free. That’s why GLG Assets ensured a highly advanced security system for the apartment.

Apart from CC cameras and a guard post, everything space of the area is appropriately protected. This prevents outside people from entering the apartment from anyways except the main gate.

Not only this, we’ve ensured proper outdoor lightings near the apartment area. As a result, everything will be visible who comes in or out.

Worrying about parking facilities? A place like Siddheswari is hugely crowded. Finding a low price flat in Dhaka Siddheswari area with parking facilities appears beyond imagination.

But GLG is different. It cares about its customers. That’s why we’ve arranged high-quality parking facilities while charging less than competitors. Since eight flats are available for this apartment, a total of 8 private cars can be parked on the ground floor.

In order to keep everything organized and good-looking, a sub-station, generator room, and guard and caretaker accommodation on the ground floor are provided. The generator room is fully closed, so you don’t have to take the hassle of hearing the annoying sound all the time.

However, just because the apartment has a high level of security doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy open space. This apartment building features a community space where residents can gather and talk with each other for hours, making their bond stronger.

Moreover, the spacious rooftop adds extra ambiance. It can be a perfect meeting place with your neighbors and friends to chat and make memories. 

Overall, this is a perfect spacious apartment you can consider if you’re looking for a ready flat in Dhaka. All its facilities make it a real deal to own.

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