Top Locations to Buy Apartments in Dhaka

Top 7 Locations to Buy Apartments in Dhaka 2023

July 16, 2023

With rapid urbanization and real estate development, finding an apartment to buy has become tricky as there are many neighborhood options. But not all neighborhoods offer the same level of convenience, safety, and amenities.

That’s why it’s necessary to carefully evaluate various factors before deciding to invest. To help you find a reliable area with the required amenities, we’ve prepared a list of the top 7 locations to buy apartments in Dhaka. Read on to find out.

7 Locations to Buy Apartments in Dhaka

Here are the top 7 neighborhoods where you can consider a long-term investment:

1.    Bashundhara Residential Area

This residential area is one of Bangladesh’s largest planned communities and premium areas. Bashundhara R/A is located near Baridhara and takes a few minutes to commute to Gulshan 1 and 2.

It offers various apartment options, including shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities, giving a complete city experience. Besides, most buildings in Bashundhara provide strict security measures with CCTV surveillance, 24/7 security personnel, and limited access points.

The area boasts well-developed infrastructure, including wide roads, transportation links, efficient drainage systems, and reliable utilities.

2.    Mirpur

This area is one of Dhaka’s largest localities, a popular zone for elite-class people. Besides, affordable housing options allow you to meet people of all classes in Mirpur.

Mirpur is well-connected to other cities of Dhaka through major roads and highways. Located close to Gulshan, Banani, and Uttara, making it convenient for residents to commute to work or access essential services.

Moreover, this area includes high-end modern amenities like shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, sprawling luxury homes, and recreational facilities. Mirpur is also home to prestigious schools and colleges.

3.    Uttara

Like Bashundhara, Uttara is also a well-planned residential area of ​​Dhaka with many apartment complexes. It has good connectivity to the airport, major highways, and commercial areas.

Uttara has several parks, lakes, and luxury apartments, giving residents ample outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities. This area is a relatively safe and secure neighborhood in Dhaka with a dedicated police force and security system.

Moreover, Uttara has seen significant growth in real estate development in recent years, which can result in a good return on investment.

4.    Mohammadpur

If you want to make a property investment at an affordable price with no shortage of necessities, Mohammadpur has everything you’re looking for.

The number of buildings has increased rapidly in recent years. But the overall price range of these buildings is still within most people’s budget. Moreover, this area has a vibrant cultural and social scene, with many restaurants, cafes, and entertainment and socializing venues.

Besides, Mohammadpur is directly connected to Mirpur and Dhanmondi, making it easier and quicker to commute to these places for work.

5.    Dhanmondi

Located in the heart of Dhaka. This well-developed residential area includes a mix of apartments and houses. It offers easy access to high-class and prestigious educational institutions, hospitals, and recreational opportunities.

Dhanmondi offers all the modern amenities needed to lead a peaceful city life. Besides, growing investment potential and commercial development are additional perks of buying an apartment in Dhanmondi.

Moreover, Dhanmondi is home to many English medium schools and Private Universities with advanced education systems. And Dhanmondi Lake is the most attractive place to enjoy the natural beauty while living in this neighborhood.

6.    Gulshan

This area is considered one of Dhaka’s most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods. Known for its upscale residential areas and commercial hubs, Gulshan is a popular location for buying apartments.

You’ll find a battalion of elite people living in this neighborhood. The main reason is that this diplomatic area offers a range of facilities, including shopping malls, luxury hotels, restaurants, private clubs, embassies, and international schools.

With these amenities, networking and socializing become convenient and easy in Gulshan.

7.    Baridhara

If you want to buy a luxurious apartment where you can enjoy an astonishing natural view and tranquility, Baridhara is the place for you. Baridhara is also a safe place to live as the area is secured by police surveillance 24/7.

You can find various types of apartments in Baridhara with modern amenities, spacious layouts, and quality construction. Besides, the area is well-developed with spacious roads, reliable water and electricity supply, and drainage systems.

Moreover, Baridahra is home to international and multicultural organizations like embassies, US Bangla Airlines, and so on.


So you now know the top 7 locations to buy apartments in Dhaka. When looking for an apartment for long-term investment, you must consider the neighborhood’s amenities and facilities.

The mentioned cities will meet your needs in terms of amenities, apartment qualities, and modern city lifestyle.

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