Types of Apartments

Types of Apartments or Flats You can Buy

January 8, 2022

Buying a home is often a major life decision so it should be carefully considered before making a commitment to live in a crowded city like Dhaka. As a general rule, middle-income families should save to buy an apartment or house within their income class. They should also ensure that the location has enough amenities, safety, and accessibility for their children’s education, fresh air open space and a comfortable zone to work from.

A cozy apartment or flat can deliver the fine promise of a place to both live and work, as it offers a bedroom with ample storage space, a kitchen that has just the right amount of cabinets and dining area, a relaxing drawing room for family chat time, not to mention the extra room area that can be used as a small office space.

Now, we discuss on type variations of apartments or flats you can buy…

  • High-rise Apartment

Buildings with five or more stories are generally known as “high-rise apartments.”

Apartments in high-rise buildings in metro cities have been known to provide a comfortable space for families to live in when they are new to the city and seeking a place to call home. These type of apartments also provide communal amenities and community space inside the building that can help establish a sense of community among residents.

  • Low-rise Apartment

Buildings below five stories are in the category of “low-rise apartments.”

These apartments in small communal blocks, these are usually for people who live with other like-minded people and want to live near their neighbors or small-time renters. They may or may not have access to an elevator.

  • Garden Apartment

The garden apartment is a type of apartment that offers many open green spaces such as lawns, green balconies with lush plant life, and more open space than regular apartments. This gives you plenty of room to follow your gardening passion. City dwellers in a crowded capital like Dhaka are more enthusiastic about such apartment buildings to live and breathe a healthy living space in tune with nature.

· Duplex Apartment

Duplex flat or apartments are build with multi-purpose amenities and facilities in consideration.

Duplex flats comprise of two units merged in one. Duplex houses often have a separate entrance, which may be upstairs or on a lower floor.

These types of home are often built for extended families, with each flat having two or three bedrooms, a kitchen, huge drawing room and an enclosed backyard. This type of house is quite popular in Asian countries like us where it is common for families to live with the grandparents.

  • Triplex Apartment

Triplex apartments are a unique concept that is fast gaining popularity in the real estate industry. A triplex apartment building is a three-storey structure with separate entrances to each unit on each floor. This can be quite expensive to buy for middle-class family, but quite common and affordable for upper-middle class, who actively look for a single address home space.

This type of apartment design can provide ample space for big 3-4 joint families to live comfortably without having to compromise on the location.

  • Micro Apartment

Micro apartments, also known as micro-flats, are one room home space that typically measure less than 360 square feet.

The average space of a micro apartment consists of a small bedroom with shared sitting space, a bathroom and a kitchenette. Micro apartments are designed specifically for people who want to live in the heart of a metro city like Dhaka with minimal space and where rent prices are exorbitantly high.

· Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are a very popular living option in big metro cities, especially for those who’re willing to live and work in near proximity of popular bustling city. Such apartments have integrated bedroom with a desk and closet, kitchen, and a modern living room space with attached small bathroom.

These apartments are within walking distance from public transport and shops. Studio apartments are a new trend in urban living.

They provide a sleek, modern experience that saves residents from the hassle of commuting and provides a easy work-life balance.

· Convertible Studio or Alcove Apartment

Convertible studio or alcove apartments are a separate breed of Studio apartments. Such type of studio apartment has an alcove curved out of the main room for a bed, usually tucked off to one side of the wall, creating an L shape separation for the apartment.

This is perfect option for those who live in small spaces (apartments, homes, dorms). The design is simple yet effective. This type of apartment is one of the best for apartment living of bachelors or couple family with no children because it’s not too big or too small.

  • Loft Apartment

Loft Apartments are of high ceilings, large vertical open space apartments, with an upper storey or elevated area under the roof, a space accessed by a narrow staircase or ladder. A bedroom or attic can be in the upper chamber.

With the average size of a new home shrinking, one trend that is on the rise is for loft apartments. These apartments offer large, open space that is usually adaptable to suit your needs. Loft apartments are also known for having high ceilings which can be beneficial for those who are looking to make the space feel more spacious.

  • Railroad Apartment

A railroad apartment is a style of apartment where there are one or more rooms that have a door that connects to the room across from it. The layout is of connected rooms in a series.

The doors have no immediate hallways but the rooms, such as bedrooms, living room, or kitchen, are connected one after another in a straight, rectangular fashion. Hence, to reach the kitchen, you may have to go through all other rooms.

This style of apartment is quite common in overcrowded urban areas, where usually people of low budget reside.

**Conclusion (optional)

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These are few apartment and flat types we’ve discussed thoroughly in this article. To get to know a comprehensive list of articles, check our blog time to time.

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