Dhaka Elevated Expressway: Advantage of Living in Uttara and Mirpur

September 20, 2023

Commuting to anywhere in Dhaka from Uttara and Mirpur was a dreadful experience even a few days ago. But since the inauguration of Dhaka Elevated Expressway on 2nd September 2023 – it’s become more hassle-free and time-saving than ever.

The elevated expressway has helped people living all over Dhaka by connecting several routes. If a big truck carrying goods needs to go from Farmgate to the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA), it used to take over an hour because of traffic. But now, it only takes 10 minutes. 

The Expressway eased traffic, saved time, and boosted Dhaka’s economy and safety.  It’s also quite affordable as you only need to pay a toll of 80 BDT! Find out more about the Dhaka elevated expressway – advantage of living in Uttara and Mirpur!

How the Dhaka Elevated Expressway Has Benefitted Uttara and Mirpur Residents

The Elevated Express Highway in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has significantly impacted the lives of people living in Uttara and Mirpur by providing a range of benefits. 

Now, their daily routines, transportation experiences, and overall quality of life have improved.

Here’s how the Elevated Express Highway has made life easier for residents in these neighborhoods:

Reduced Commute Times

As the modern world says – time is money! One of the Elevated Express Highway’s most significant advantages is the substantially reduced commute times. 

It has eased traffic congestion on the ground, allowing residents to reach their destinations more quickly and with less hassle.

This has saved people significant time and reduced the stress associated with long commutes.

Affordable Transportation

Before the elevated expressway, heavy traffic caused transportation costs to increase significantly. Vehicles spent more time stuck in traffic, consuming more fuel and adding to maintenance expenses.

This increased the overall cost of transporting goods and people within the city.

However, with the introduction of the elevated expressway, traffic congestion has decreased substantially. Vehicles can move more freely and quickly, reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear. You only need to pay a toll of 80 taka to use the expressway!

This reduction in travel time and fuel expenses has led to a notable decrease in transportation costs, benefiting both businesses and commuters.

Improved Connectivity

 The highway has enhanced connectivity between Uttara, Mirpur, and other key parts of Dhaka. 

This connectivity has facilitated easier access to employment centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping districts, making it more convenient for residents to access essential services.

The expressway has 8 toll plazas and 43 collection booths around the city. It has made transportation more efficient and economical in the city.

Enhanced Safety

The Elevated Express Highway has improved road safety in the area. By separating traffic from pedestrians and reducing intersections, it has reduced the likelihood of accidents and enhanced the safety of commuters.

This is especially beneficial for families with children who can now travel with greater peace of mind.

Boosted Local Growth

The improved transportation infrastructure has had a positive impact on the local economy. It has attracted businesses and investments to the Uttara and Mirpur areas, leading to increased job opportunities and economic growth.

Residents now have more options for employment closer to home. Besides, the expressway will connect to a transport hub in Gazipur, creating jobs and boosting the economy through better road connections.

Quality of Life

Reducing noise and air pollution due to decreased traffic congestion has contributed to an improved quality of life for residents.

Cleaner air and a quieter environment make the neighborhoods more pleasant and conducive to health and well-being.

Access to Emergency Service

 Quicker access to hospitals and emergency services is crucial during medical emergencies. The Elevated Express Highway has facilitated faster response times for ambulances, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

Property Values

Property values in Uttara and Mirpur have seen positive effects due to the improved infrastructure. The neighborhoods become more accessible and desirable places to live. 

So, property values will tend to appreciate, benefiting homeowners and property investors. You can contact GLG Limited for any real estate help!

Public Transportation

The highway has also improved public transportation options. Bus services and other modes of public transit have become more efficient and reliable.

This reduces the dependence on private vehicles and lowers transportation costs for residents.

Tourism and Leisure

The Elevated Express Highway has made it easier for tourists to access attractions in Uttara and Mirpur, such as the National Zoo, the cricket stadium, and cultural venues. 

This has led to an increase in tourism and leisure activities in the area, benefiting local businesses.

Thus, the elevated expressway has provided significant benefits to Mirpur and Uttara residents and Dhaka as a whole.

How the Dhaka Elevated Expressway is Improving Business

Previously, business failures would occur across Dhaka because of the delay in the delivery of products and services. 

Late shipments can lead to order cancellations or demands for big discounts from international retailers. Similarly, local businesses resort to costly air shipments to meet these tight schedules, requiring quicker vehicle transportation.

The expressway should reduce these challenges for garment businesses.

International clothing companies have cut their time frames to 45-60 days, or even 30 days, to guarantee fast delivery. The expressway will help the clothing industry by ensuring on-time deliveries.

The impact of the expressway is not only limited to local economic growth. The project will help exporters from Gazipur and Savar to reach Chattogram and Mongla ports easily.

Thus, the expressway will reduce the cost and time for local and cross-border trade in Bangladesh to grow efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Dhaka’s elevated expressway has significantly improved the life of the city dwellers. But the advantage of living in Uttara and Mirpur is more than you can imagine now.

Previously, people had to spend hours commuting from Uttara and Mirpur to the rest of Dhaka. The expressway has not only reduced the struggle of Uttara-Mirpur residents but also of people living across Dhaka. 

It has boosted national economic growth, local property values, environmental sustenance, and quality of life!


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