Which Type of Building or Apartment is Good for Living

Choosing the Right Residence: Which Type of Building or Apartment is Good for Living?

September 21, 2023

Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, is home to millions of people. The city offers a diverse range of housing options, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right type of building or apartment for your lifestyle and preferences is a crucial decision.

Now, which type of building or apartment is good for living? The options include apartment complexes, standalone houses, condominiums, duplex apartments, and more! Selecting the right housing in Dhaka involves balancing factors like convenience, space, amenities, security, and cost. 

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What Are the Different Types of Residences? Pros and Cons

Residential choices in Dhaka vary widely: apartments offer convenience but limited space; standalone houses provide privacy but require higher maintenance. Condominiums offer luxury with extra fees, whereas duplex apartments can provide extra living space.

Here we have analyzed the pros and cons of each type in detail –

Apartment Complexes

These are multi-unit buildings with shared amenities.


  • Convenience

Apartment complexes often offer 24/7 security, maintenance services, and recreational facilities, making daily life convenient.

Community Living

Living in an apartment complex can foster a sense of community, with neighbors nearby.

  • Urban Location

Many apartment complexes are strategically located in urban areas, providing easy access to businesses, educational institutions, and entertainment options.

  • Safety

Security arrangements in apartment complexes contribute to a safer living environment, reassuring families.


  • Limited Space

Apartments may have limited space compared to standalone houses, which can be challenging for larger families or those who desire more room.

  • Shared Expenses

 While amenities are convenient, they often come with monthly maintenance fees, adding to the overall cost.

  • Noise

Living near neighbors can sometimes result in noise disturbances and a lack of privacy

Standalone Houses

Usually known as single-family homes with a space of their own.


  • Space and Privacy

Standalone houses offer more space, both indoors and outdoors, providing a higher level of privacy and independence.

  • Customization

You have greater flexibility to customize and decorate a standalone house according to your preferences.

  • Outdoor Living

 Houses typically come with gardens or yards, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities and gardening.

  • Peace

Being away from densely populated areas often means a quieter and more peaceful environment.


  • Maintenance

 Standalone houses require more maintenance, both indoors and outdoors, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Security

Security can be a concern, especially in more remote or less developed areas, necessitating additional safety measures.

  • Isolation

 Being away from urban centers can lead to isolation and longer commutes to work, schools, and amenities.

Condominiums (Condos)

Condos are privately owned units within a shared complex.


  • Ownership

 Condominiums offer the chance to own a property in a prime location, often with shared amenities.

  • Amenities

Condos typically come with pools, gyms, and other facilities, providing a luxurious lifestyle.

  • Low Maintenance

As condo associations handle maintenance, the burden of repairs and upkeep is significantly reduced.


  • Association Fees

Condo owners are required to pay association fees, which can be substantial and subject to increases.

  • Limited Customization

 Customization options are often limited in condos compared to standalone houses.

  • Neighbor Proximity

You’ll share walls with neighbors, which can lead to noise and privacy concerns.

Duplex Apartments

These are two-story apartments with separate living and sleeping areas. They’re quite popular now for the convenience and aesthetics.


  • Additional Space

 Duplex apartments offer more living space than traditional single-level apartments, providing room for separate living and sleeping areas.

  • Privacy

The two-story design allows for better separation of living spaces, offering more privacy, This applies especially if occupants have different daily routines or sleep schedules.

  • Amenities

In some cases, duplex apartments are part of larger apartment complexes, which may include shared amenities such as gyms, pools, and communal areas.


  • Cost

Duplex apartments are typically more expensive than standard apartments, both in terms of rent or purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Stairs

 The presence of stairs can be a drawback, especially for individuals with mobility issues, young children, or the elderly.

  • Limited Availability

Duplex apartments are not as widely available as standard single-level apartments, which may limit choices in certain areas.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Apartment

Here are some key factors to consider when looking for an apartment to live:

  • Budget and affordability.
  • Location and proximity to work or school.
  • Size, layout, and the number of bedrooms.
  • Amenities available in the building.
  • Lease terms and any restrictions.
  • Apartment condition and maintenance.
  • Security measures in place.

Final Words

Since there are varied options and budget constraints – it can be difficult to decide which type of building or apartment is good for living. Different types of apartments such as a duplex, condominiums, and standalone offer different benefits.

If you want more space, a duplex apartment is perfect for you. Condos can be a bit expensive and standalone houses require high maintenance. Remember to weigh the pros and cons and determine if they align with your preferences.

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