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What Should You Consider When Viewing A Property To Buy?

October 13, 2021

Choosing the dream property to buy can be a tough decision. There are so many factors you need to consider before actually buying a property. If you’re here, it means you might be feeling lost in how to select your ideal property to buy. Well, you’re in the right place then! This guide will discuss what should you consider when viewing a property in detail.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying A Property

Know Your Priorities

While viewing the house, at first ensure the house matches your preferences conveniently. For instance, you have more than five people in your family but the house has only two bedrooms with small size. In this case, it is best to reconsider your choice as the rooms will be a bit cramped.

Make a small list of things you’d prefer the new property to have. This will help you choose the right and convenient house for you. Judge the property according to your priority list.

Location Of the Property

Ensure the property you’re buying is in an area where hospitals, shops, transportation are easily accessible. Also, check the traffic flow and the roads. First impressions matter while viewing a property to buy.

Take a look around the neighborhood and the area thoroughly. Sometimes if there’s a bad neighborhood, your peace will be disrupted. You can drive around the area to feel and examine the traffic flow and noise. Oftentimes, you can make a decision simply by viewing the property.

Check the interior structure of the house

Check whether the structure of the house is properly built and connected or not. In case there are large fissures in walls or joints, it indicates the house has a faulty construction. Seek the assistance of a supervisor to ensure the building has sound construction.

Inspect the Plumbing and Gas

It’s essential to test the plumbing beforehand. Check how long it takes the heated water to run up, whether it’s working correctly or not. Is it supplying enough water? Ascertain whether the water is clean or not and so on.

Similarly, check whether there’s plenty of gas or not. Look for any leakage. Do these with the help of an expert to stay safe and be accurate.

Inquire with a real estate agent

Know about the council tax, previous viewings, and offers, the age of the house, etc in detail from the agent. If the property has a previous owner then know about them and why they’re selling the house. Ensure there are no illegal issues with the property.

Don’t go viewing the property alone

It’s recommended to go viewing the property with more people. If you go by yourself, you will most likely be taken around by a real estate agent. Naturally, they will only emphasize the property’s fitting aspects and qualities. This highlighting of the good sides will make it harder for you to examine and see the property for yourself.

The Bedrooms

Make sure you get the number of bedrooms you want. The rooms should be spacious if you have big furniture and other components of the bedroom. Otherwise, it would look cramped.

As mentioned earlier, make a mental image of how pleasantly your assets of the bedroom will fit in the bedroom. Most people prefer to have a big master bedroom with a comparatively larger bathroom and at least one window.

If you’ve more members, more room is preferred. For instance, you have 4 members in your family and you don’t want kids to share a room, then you’d need at least 4 rooms including a guest room. See whether your room gets enough ventilation or not.

The Bathrooms

Older homes usually have one or two bathrooms. If you are not okay with this, you can look for the option of remodeling the house. However, it will cost a ton of cash. Newer houses have 3 bathrooms generally.

But all of them might not have a bathtub, they may have just a simple shower and vice versa. While tubs are better for relaxing, a shower stall is easier and quicker to access.  Think about how you prefer to take a bath, a quick shower, or a tub-filled bath?

Convenient Home Appliances

Many appliances are expensive to replace. Estimate the age and condition of the appliances with time. Mentally make an image of how well your appliances will fit the place. Some appliances, for example, a dishwasher, takes more space than a microwave. 

There are various types of appliances in a kitchen. If you have a preference or an appliance you can’t go without, ensure the kitchen provides enough convenience to add it later.

Also check the water heater, softener, humidifier, and air conditioner connections properly.

Look out for Dampness

No one would want their newly bought home to have damps on it. Damps can cause some major health problems. It worsens asthma, allergies, and other respiratory infections. Dampness also affects the immune system in general. It weakens your immunity. So, dampness is unpleasant to look at as well as harmful to us.

Steps to detect dampness are

  • A musty odor
  • Paint dripping from the walls
  • The wallpaper has a weird texture and is peeling.

Important Steps To Consider At A Glance

  • Windows are easy to open and change
  • Option to install external locks on doors and windows
  • Accessible and clear draining system
  • Safe and proper electric wiring throughout the house
  • Place is secured
  • Adequate pressure of clear water. Look out for damp water.
  • Place free of damps and molds
  • Rooms are conveniently spacious
  • Enough number of rooms
  • The size of the property
  • The documents are legal
  • Friendly and secure neighborhood
  • Good transportation is accessible.

Ending Lastly, take your time to think crucially before making the big step. After inspecting the aspects of the property thoroughly, think to yourself one last time about what should you consider when viewing a property. If you feel satisfied, then go for it. But beforehand, you have to examine yourself in the house. Ensure you have a positive of it, the purchase is worth it and you’d like relocating there.

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